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handcuffs_1                                                         handcuffs_2
Join the PETITION to Parliament to
Review and Reform Stop and Search

Every Signature Matters

We all want a fairer society, don’t we? So why are so many innocent black, Asian and minority ethnic people (BAME) seven times more likely to be stopped and searched by police? Do we even know what effect this has on their health and relations? How can we when a national assessment on the effects of multiple or disproportionate stop and searches on the same communities has never taken place. Prime Minister Theresa May admitted at the Conservative Party Conference that "black people are seven times more likely to be targeted" for random stop and search by police officers.

The last 50 years of Stop and Search wasn’t great, another 50 years of the same Stop and Search surely cannot be healthy for future generations and the nation as a whole, can it? We therefore democratically request Government and UK Parliament to ‘review and reform stop and Search and carry out a national assessment on its impact on health’.

For further details on Stop and Search go to the Waltham Forest Echo website edition 32 page 8. You can even share your Stop and Search stories at You should also contact and/or Write-a-letter to your local Member of Parliament (MP), and request them to take up the issue in Parliament.

Please join our petition to UK parliament, to gather 100,000 signatures, to put before UK Parliament. Download a petition form from Forest Radio (petition) fill in your details, then email it to

Boy       Write2-a-Life         Girl
Doing something memorable for self & charity

Sample Certificate

The Write2-A-Life poetry & short story competition is now over and we can announce the names of the winners. The certificates were awarded by on Tuesday 13th by Cllr. Yemi Osho, Worshipful the Mayor of Waltham Forest, at a ceremony in the main Council Chamber at the Town Hall on Forest Road, Walthamstow, which was filled to capacity for the event. Many of the entrants read out their stories and poems, or asked for them to be read out by Forest Radio presenters who were present. It was a joyous event and made everyone proud of the pool of creative talent that exists in the young people of the borough. We heard the voice of an entire generation of Waltham Forest's young people which was not always flattering to our own, as well as poetic pleas for religious and racial tolerance and respect for the poor and the homeless. In the words of A.S. Neill, the old warrior for children's rights of the 1960s, 'What the children of today need is a good listening to.'

The event will be the subject of a Forest Radio 'stand alone' report in the very near future.

Front Cover Image

Book sales at the event raised an initial £231.35 for the Mayor's charity, Diabetes UK and the Gillian Hanson Centre at Whipps Cross Hospital, supporting local diabetic services. Further copies of the book, which is entitled Young Voices of Waltham Forest, can be ordered online here: and the proceeds of these sales will also go directly to the Mayor's charity.

All the entrants whose work is published in the book are given the title: 'Waltham Forest Celebrated Young Writer 2018', but we have also nominated a first, second and third place winner in Short Stories and in Poetry and singled out some other entries for honourable mention.

You can listen to a report on the award ceremony by choosing 'Write2-A-Life Award Ceremony' in the player above or by downloading the item in MP3 format from the link below the description in the Table of Contents below.

The winning enties are as follows:

Short Stories

1. Louise Bygrave
2. Bianca Durche
3. Sam Sundar


1. Amanta Berberi
2. Maryam Iqbal
3. Keira Summersgill

Honourable Mention

Eric Deli
Hefza Muzamil
Ruby Monaghan
Nellija Ivanova
Nihad Sebai
Maja Mosinska
Romy Crocker
Emily Roberts

Alba Robinson
Alisha Khan
Alisha Raja

Amelia Fernand
Ammara Ali
Aoife Glanvill
Ayjan Jorayeva
Barakah Abdullah
Emira Shpati
Farah Elkhafaji
Flora Hammond-Saunders
Gwen Martin
Hamza Syed
Husna Lalloo
Iman Nawaz
Maria Lambson
Mathilde Tyler
Neveah Ford
Noura Athill
Renecia Archer-Matthews
Sabrina Latif
Sadia Mehmood
Sadie Allaway
Sergiah Reid
Zaynab Baz

Table of Contents
of current series

Write2-A-Life Award Ceremony A brief report from Adele, Jean and david on the Award Ceremony held in the main Council Chamber at Waltham Forest Town Hall in the presence of Cllr. Yemi Osho, Worshipful the Mayor of Waltham Forest.

The report includes readings of entrants poetry and short stories, in most cases by the writers thwemselves. Also included are clips from a piece of music entitled 'Waiting in Walthamstow' by the American group The Cranberries. To order copies of Young Voiuces of Waltham Forest go to Lulu Sales Page
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Deborah Collins: Poetry From 16 to 60 Wayne Walton talks to Deborah Collins, writer, editor, journalist, poet, mother and retired one-time rap-singer, who’s on a new mission to publish a collection of her new and old work, shoot down internet trolls and see Britain go poetry mad.
Includes music from the 2011 Paul Simon album Questions for Angels and the French rap group Hocus Pocus.
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Wednesday 28/2/2018
Introductions: David, Gudrun, Irene, Wayne, Adele. Teddy Bear’s Picnic – Henry Hall
David: history of 'Save Our Square' pressure group. Discussion: Adele, Wayne, David, Gudrun.
How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live? (modified words) Sung by Graham Larkbey
Excerpts from interviews at the SOS demonstration by Wayne. This Land is Your Land (modified words) Sung by Graham Larkbey
SOS Demo continued: Speech by Nancy Taffee about removing artwork from the Trees.
Further Discussion by David, Adele & Wayne including the idea of a March on City Hall.
Public Meeting on March 3rd announced.
C’mon Everybody and Save Our Square – Sung by Graham Larkbey.
(This topic occupies the first half of the programme. Running time: 50.00 minutes.)
Rose and Crown visit to see Cosmotheka. Cosmotheka - What A Mouth. Sharn Allen – resident singer at Rose and Crown - The Ballad of Mary Connolly. Earlier Folk Club meeting at Rose and Crown - Rob Johnson – Grenfell Tower – True, Blue, Murder.
Irene from Leipzig, former East Germany, talking to Gudrun, Wayne, David & Adele.
Rob Johnson – The North Wind at Your Door - Song about the fire-bombing of Dresden in Feb 1945.
Story written by Gudrun – The Girl Who Searched for Happiness.
I Feel Pretty from West Side Story
Poem: Valentine’s Day – by Jean Duggleby, read by Adele.
David’s choice of a Valentine’s song: Catherine Paver – Almost in Love.
Adele – Mill Round-Up/Forest Round-Up.
David – Waltham Forest Borough of Culture announcement.
Wayne – Right2-A-Life Competition. Wayne's song choice: Cold by Stormzy.
Goodbye from presenters and play out with Oh It Really is a Very Pretty Town Square (modified words by Grahan & Adele) sung by Graham Larkbey.
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Diabetes a major concern in Waltham Forest Wayne Walton talks to Rachel Glover, Improving Care Manager for Diabetes UK in London, who explains how serious the 'epidemic' of this preventable condition has become, and the steps that are being taken currently in Waltham Forest and London as a whole to try to limit the damage that the condition often leads to.
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A visit to Waltham Forest Music Service David visited an organisation called the Music Service, which is part of the borough's education provision. It's basically an after-school and weekend school of music for a wide age range of school students and an equally wide range of abilities. Fees are very low and there is a much richer social life to be enjoyed here than you would get from visiting an individual music teacher. The discipline and enthusiasm of the students and the dedication of the teachers and the whole atmosphere of the place were simply inspiring.
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Monday 18/12/2017
Introductions: David, Jean, Gudrun, Wayne, Adele.
Town Square: Talking about re-development – with Gudrun, Jean and David. Discussion of the Meeting on 13th December 2017. Interviews: Wayne interviewing people at the meeting. Waltham Forest Citizens, Cleveland Park Residents Assoc.
Pantomime: 'Robin Hood and the Merry Men of Waltham Forest' at the Rose and Crown. Discussion: David, Gudrun, Jean, Adele.
Christmas Memories – Gudrun, Wayne, David, Jean, Adele.
Short story by David - 'Celia’s Shrine' from 'The Rainbow Man and Other Stories'.
Forest Roundup: Adele – Write-2-A Life Competition – Wayne, Rock and Roll Bus, Scrabble Group, Wetlands Bicycle Scheme for older people.
Most Important things that happened in 2017 – Personal and World Events. David, Gudrun, Jean, Adele.
Goodbyes from us all.
'Silent Night' - Simon & Garfunkel, 'Mary’s Boy Child' Boney M, 'In Dulci Jubilio' - Hamoritai Choral Ensemble, 'In The Winter' - Janis Ian, 'Walk on the Wild Side' – Jimmy Smith, Playout music: 'Silent Night - 7 O'clock News' - Simon & Garfunkel.
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Jack Petchey's "Speak Out" Challenge! The Regional Finals of the “World’s biggest youth speaking event” took place in Walthamstow hosted by Lammas School and Sixth Form, Walthamstow. The judging panel at the event included Chantelle Scott of Enabling Enterprise, Emily Hughes of Girlguiding, Jamie Jenkins of London Fire Brigade, Wayne Walton of Forest Radio, Penny Wycherley of Waltham Forest College and Laura O’Callaghan of the Guardian Series (local reporter). The event was won by Abdel Raouf Dahmane of Leytonstone School who will compete at the Grand Finals in July 2018; second Place was taken by Sabiha Nakda of Eden Girl’s School; and third place by Huriye Ciftcioglu of Rushcroft Foundation School.
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Romeo and Juliet 2017 - Complete
A spoof version of Romeo and Juliet conveived by David after a few day's immersion in the astonishing Romeo and Juliet tourist industry that has grown up in present-day Verona. Apologies to the bard.
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PROGRAMME 3 (12/11/17) Running time: 1 hr. 17 mins. Our third programme of the present series. Recorded on Remembrance Sunday 2017, our main theme is the brutality of war. Heathcote Williams tells us about Harry Patch, the longest living veteran of World War I, who became one of the country's most powerful anti-war campaigners before his death at the age of 111 in 2009. There is also a short story from Gudrun called Decision Time and a very strange item about Adele's friend George and his most unusual hobby. In addition we have a roundup of Waltham Forest news, an item on the plans to build high rise luxury flats just off Walthamstow's town square, an update on our Right2-A-Life poetry and short story competition for young people in the borough, an item about Wayne's Stop and Search petition and a tribute fron Adele to the late Fats Domino, which is also available here as a stand-alone item.
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A Tribute to Fats Domino (February 26, 1928 – October 24, 2017)

J&M Music Shop Plaque
J&M Music Shop Plaque

Cosimo Metassa Music Plaque
Cosimo Metassa Music Plaque

A tribute by Adele Tinman to the great pianist and singer/songwriter of Louisiana Creole descent Fats Domino, who was one of the pioneers of Rock and Roll and sold more than 65 million records between 1955 and 1960. His humility and shyness are often cited as one reason his contribution to the genre and to Western popular music in general has been frequently overlooked.
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American Tourists Visit The Mill and Talk About President Trump, Walthamstow and Their Son Two American tourists are taken on a tour of Walthamstow by their loving son, Jessie, who resides in Walthamstow, but get a shock when Forest Radio scuppers their planned trip to the Wetlands to be replaced by an enjoyable radio interview with Wayne Walton, who didn’t waste any time finding out what they really thought about President Trump, Walthamstow and their son.
Unfortunately the microphone lead was faulty during this interview and caused crackles every time it was moved. We have managed to clean the recording up considerably but it remains a bit below our usual technical standard.
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