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We have moved all the material about Engineering Paradise the Musical to a new dedicated page. We're hoping to find a group (probably amateur or student) who would like to give this new musical its premiere. Please take a look (and have a listen) and see if you or someone you know might be interested.

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These are recent items or items of which we are paricularly proud. The selection is regularly changed to reflect our activities. If there is an item that you think deserves to be featured here please let us know.

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Current Series

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      Programme 13

      The Archipeligo Project ~ Full Version

      Visit My Mosque ~ Mansfield Road 2019 ~ Full Version

      Jack Petchey 'Speak-Out' Competition, Waltham Forest 2018-19 Regional Finals

      Programme 12

      A Tribute to the Late Joyce Bennett

      Programme 11

      Programme 10

      Programme 9

      Waltham Forest Pride Gathering

      Programme 8

      Programme 7

      Marilyn Joy, singer/songwriter

      Jonathon Holder And The Good Thinking

      Mental Health Awareness Week 14-20 May 2018, Part 1

      Mental Health Awareness Week 14-20 May 2018, Part 2

      Don Campbell at 100

      Charlotte and Paul ~ healthy eating

      Programme 6

      Milena, a multi-talented musical all-rounder

      Write2-A-Life Award Ceremony

      Deborah Collins: Poetry From 16 to 60

      Programme 5

      Diabetes a major concern in Waltham Forest

      A visit to Waltham Forest Music Service

      Programme 4

      Jack Petchey's "Speak Out" Challenge!

      Romeo and Juliet 2017 - Complete

      Programme 3

      A Tribute to Fats Domino

      American Tourists Visit The Mill

      Stop and Search Petition for Review and Reform

      I'm 14 years old and My Dad's a Singer - Jean Paul Samputu

      Grand opening and launch of Fashion Brand Tuffuoh

      Coping Through Football

      The Mall Walthamstow – Ready to Celebrate its 20th Anniversary in 2018

      Liam Cooper - Sight Loss, Depression and Now Hope

      Programme 2

      Walking and Jogging for Free at the Green Hearts Project

      Bettie Millard aged 88 Talks About Family & Life

      Forest Churches Emergency Night Shelter

      Say NO to Domestic Violence - Sharron Webb

      Apple Day at The Mill ~ 20th Sept. 2017

      You Too Can Volunteer at The Mill says Isabel, a Volunteer ~22nd Sept. 2017

      New Caribbean Take-Away at the bottom of High Street Walthamstow ~ 18th Sept. 2017

      Bulgarian Consultation

      Looking Forward to Black History Month ~ 16th Sept. 2017

      Mayor of Waltham Forest talks Youth, Diabetes and Opportunities ~ 14th Sept. 2017

      The Dark Side of Musicals - David ~ 11th Sept. 2017

      Interview with St. James Street Big Local ~ 9th Sept. 2017

      Flood Risk to Walthamstow - Campaign ~ 30th Aug. 2017

      Jerk Spice Caribbean Grocery Store ~ 28th Aug. 2017

      Alison Hay interviews Forest Radio ~ 25th Aug. 2017

      Programme 1 ~ 23rd Aug. 2017

      Businesses Could End Extremism Says Youth Leader ~ 15th Aug. 2017

      Campaign by Citizen Advice to FIX Universal Credit ~ 14th Aug. 2017

      Stopping the Arms Trade ~ 18th Aug. 2017

      STOP Local Post Office Closure Campaign ~ 12th Aug. 2017

      Post Office Closure Risk to Elderly ~ 14th Aug. 2017

      Book Cafe Bulgarian Style - The Interview ~ 5th Aug. 2017

Table of Contents of Current Series
including detailed descriptions of each item

Programme 13 This programme is now complete and uploaded. A detailed description is being prepared by Adele and will be posted here very soon. The programme includes:

•   Visit My Mosque Day. A personal guided tour of the Mansfield Road Mosque recorded by Wayne Walton.

•   The Archipelago Project. A series of interviews by David with a group of artists and a film crew engaged in a project to record their reactions to some of the islands in the Walthamstow Wetlands.

•   We have a piece of writing which amounts to a complete life story from a lady named Pauline Lees who lives in sheltered accommodation in Leytonstone. This is read by Adele Tinman.

•   There is an interview recorded at The Mill in which a young psychologist named Nancy asks for volunteers to take part in her research project.

•   There is an appeal from me for help from schools to set up interviews with young people regarding the recent protests of school-students about climate change caused by human activities.

•   We have a short item in which we interview a local African drummer who is a member of the African Drumming and educational group called Mbilla Arts.

•   As well as all this we've got what I think are some beautiful songs (well, I chose them), from Gillian Welch, Liam Clancy, Catherine Paver, Lily Brooke, the Corrie Folk Trio with Paddie Bell, and Kate Wolf.

Two late items now added are:

•   Andrea's roundup of coming events in Waltham Forest for the next four weeks, and

•   An interview recorded by Wayne with young protesters and others in the Walthamstow Mall regarding the recent wave of knife-crime in the borough. This is a "not to be missed" item.
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The Archipeligo Project ~ Full Version We were contacted by email and invited to come along and cover a project involving a group of artists visiting the Walthamstow Wetlands. The Archipelago Project, started by artist Ruth Calland, is aimed at bringing together artists working in different geographical locations to collaborate in recording their eactions to a series of islands in the Wetlands, culminating in an exhibition in the upstairs gallery in the Visitors' Centre, also known as the Engine House. The exhibition of work, together with photographic and film documentation, will take place in the context of the Walthamstow Art Trail, which runs from the 1st to the 16th of June this year (2019).

On Sunday 7th of April David went along to the first of the two Sundays set aside for artists to visit and along with Stephanie Moran spoke to Ruth and some of the artists as they worked at their chosen stations around the Wetlands. The resultinmg recordings may be heard here.

If you would like to see some of the work created by these artists you are welcome to come to the private exhibition in the upstairs gallery in the Visitors' Centre between 1 pm and 4 pm on Sunday 2nd June. You will be able to see some of the studies, some work made back in the studio, and also the film which will be made by Eva Calland Waller and her team, which will be a poetic representation of the project, using the artists, the landscape, music and birdsong.

Forest Radio would like to thank Ruth Calland and everyone involved in this project for getting in touch in the first place and for all their help and cooperation during the recording sessions.
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Visit My Mosque ~ Mansfield Road 2019 ~ Full Version ‘Visit My Mosque Day' is a nationwide programme inviting Mosques to host an open day at least once a year with free activities, giveaways, tours and questions to be answered.

The Mansfield Road Mosque, Masjid Abu Bakr, Walthamstow E17, welcomed members of the public on a tour, to experience first-hand daily life behind its doors and for British Muslims generally. On this occasion refreshments were on offer too.

This is what Imran had to tell Wayne Walton on the tour.
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Jack Petchey 'Speak-Out' Competition, Waltham Forest 2018-19 Regional Finals This is the regional final of the Jack Petchey Speak Out schools competition for public speaking. It was hosted by Buxton School on Cann Hall Road, Leytonstone, E11 3NN where Wayne was one of this year's judges. We have edited Wayne's recording of the entire event down to 80 minutes so that it can fit on to a standard audio CD, and we will be happy to supply copies of the CD free of charge to anyone who sends us a stamped self-addressed padded envelope of an appropriate size. The address to send your envelopes is: Forest radio, 55 Elmsdale Road, Walthamstow, E17 6PN.

A more detailed description of the programme is in preparation. We will have more background information about this event and the competition as a whole in Programme 13.
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PROGRAMME 12 Programme 12 includes a report on the new(ish) Social Market that takes place alongside the Farmers' Market every Sunday on Walthamstow's High Street.

Adele's usual roundup of coming events in Waltham Forest leads on to a discussion about the proposed closure of Harmony Hall, the local small theatre and community centre at 10 Truro Road near the centre of Walthamstow, and about the proposals to build a new high rise hotel at the junction of Hoe Street and St. Mary’s Road.

Gudrun reads a piece that she has written about the recent schoolchildren's protest against the world's reluctance to act to halt climate change, and what governments and individuals can do to tackle the issue.

We also have an item created by three students from the Big Creative Academy on Clifton Avenue near Blackhorse Road who were quite unexpectedly sent for a 'work experience' week with Forest Radio. Their interviews with their tutors provide very helpful information and advice for young people considering a career in the music business.

To wind up the programme we have an interview with the owner of a small convenience store on Palmerston Road about the lack of support that he and his neighbours are receiving from Waltham Forest Council.

A more detailed description of the programme is in preparation.
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A Tribute to the Late Joyce Bennett The Forest Radio team was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Joyce Bennett on the morning of Sunday 17th February 2019 as a result of complications following major surgery. Joyce was a regular and very popular contributor to our programmes, especially during our Mill Radio days, developing a reputation for highly personal, almost confessional material about her life delivered in an astonishingly open and honest manner. She was also a highly entertaining and engaging speaker. We regard her as one of the finest broadcasters that has ever graced our little station and someone who will be greatly missed and never forgotten.
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PROGRAMME 11 Our first programme of 2019 has a travel theme, as a couple of the team members and our guest Christina have been visiting foreign lands over Christmas and the New Year and returned with travellers' tales to pass on to the Forest Radio Listeners. Lands visited include Argentina and the Antarctic (Christina), and Vietnam and New Zealand (David and Jean). We have the usual roundup of local coming events from Adele, as well as a short story that she wrote in the 1980s, when an infant. From Jean we have news of a local project that gets the older generation together with nursery school children to the enormous benefit of both groups, and David contributes a brief item about a singer/songwriter circle that operates in Hackney as well as other parts of London, organised by a small record label. We also talk about New Year Resolutions in a rather cynical and dismissive way. The programme includes two great comic songs, one from Les Barker and one from Tom T. Hall, as well as Auld Lang Syne in Vietnamese. What more could you possibly ask for?
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PROGRAMME 10 Our final programme of 2018 begins with an extended item to mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day in World War One. We have examined the First World War from the point of view of its effect on Waltham Forest and its people – the bombing of local streets from the air by the German Zeppelins, recordings of the voices of local people who lived through World War One or served in it (courtesy of the Waltham Forest Oral History Project and Vestry House Museum) and an account of the bravery of Jack Cornwell, Waltham Forest's 16-year-old World War One VC.

Our second item is an interview with Florence Johnson of Diabetes UK, Waltham Forest, concerning the disease itself and the work of her organisation in preventing its development and improving the lives of sufferers.

We then have a poem from Gudrun, The God of Growth and two new songs plus an interview from Marilyn Green.

Not to be taken too seriously perhaps is the performance of Why Must I Be a Senior In Love? by The Manorettes, Adel's pub singing group.

There follows our regular roundup of coming events which focuses on Christmas events organised by Waltham Forest Council and a creative writing initiative from a group called Spread the Word.

We then move on to our interview with singer and folk musician Sian Allen who is often to be heard as a floor singer at the Waltham Forest Folk Club on Sunday evenings in the Rose and Crown, Hoe Street. She tells us a bit about her life and performs two songs live in our Elmsdale Road studio.

We end with spoof 'church service' led by Les Barker and say our goodbyes.

The music in Programme 10 is as follows: Teddy Bears Picnic by Henry Hall & His Orchestra (1932), When this Lousy War is Over from Catherine Paver, a tribute to World War One veteran Harry Patch from Heathcote Williams, The Green Fields of France from Liam Clancy, I Love to Boogie by T Rex, the poem Mummy by Barrett Strong, Why Must I be a Senior in Love? from The Manorettes, Danny and the Girl from Engineering Paradise the Musical sung by Claire Flanagan and Hjalmar Norden with Andrew Richardson at the piano, Turn Around from Phats and Small, As (also known as I'll be Loving you Always) by Stevie Wonder, and we'll be playing ourselves out with The 7 O'clock News from Simon & Garfunkel.
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Mental Health Awareness Day The programme consists of an interview with Neesha Badhan and Chidi (a Mill volunteer) concerning the planned events in Waltham Forest to mark National Mental Health Awareness Day on Wednesday October 10th. The music chosen by Neesha was Stand by Me from Ben E. King and Could You Be Loved? from Bob Marley. The programme includes a brief conversation about mental health and lots of information about the events on and around October 10th in Waltham Forest.
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PROGRAMME 9 The programme includes a 'last roundup' regarding the Mall Redevelopment protest, an account of the activities of the Alfred Hitchcock Society from Tony Fernandes, a second visit from Marilyn George who performs two live songs, a short story by Gudrun read in the studio by the Forest Radio group and our guests, an 'almost live' report from The Mill's Apple Day event, our usual look at what's happening locally in the coming month and a tribute to recently deceased Chas Hodges of Chas and Dave. Music includes three Chas and Dave numbers, Creep by Motorhead, Green Onions by Booker T and the MGs, Hey Little Girl from Icehouse, Green Onions from Lightnin' Hopkins, and There Were Roses from Carla Dillon. A more detailed listing will follow.
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Waltham Forest Pride Gathering Saturday the 28th July saw the very first Waltham Forest LGBT Pride event. About 500 people gathered in the town square, where there were speeches, music, children's activities and stalls. It was a laid back family celebration with everyone lying around on the parched grass in glorious sunshine. Everybody regardless of their sexuality, gender, age, or anything else was made warmly welcome, and the theme of the event was solidarity and having a good time together. Later in the day there were caberet performances at the Victoria Bar and the Chequers. Our report includes interviews and ends with the heart-rending song Matthew from Janis Ian.
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PROGRAMME 8 Programme 8 was recorded between Thursday 19th July, the date of the exhibition in the Walthamstow town square by the overseas students at Central Saint Martins College in Kings Cross in which they presented alternative schemes for the redevelopment of the square, and Sunday 22nd July. Not all of the promised items have materialised and it's possible that we may add additional items as and when they are recorded or submitted.

The programme begins with an item on the Architecture Students'exhibition including a description from their tutor Roger Payne and interviews with some of the students themselves. Photographs of their posters and graphics can be seen on the Save Our Square E17 Facebook page at

This is followed by a piece of jazz from Woody Herman & His Swingin' Herd - The Woodchopper's Ball and then a poem written and read by Gudrun entitled A Dream Tree.

After a very short piece of linking music, The Trees by Rush, Adele and David give the roundup for late July and on into August for Waltham Forest as a whole and also for our old home The Mill Community Centre on Coppermill Lane in particular. This includes an appeal to children of all ages to draw or paint pictures that will be attached to the trees in the town square probably in early September in an effort to shame the local council out of allowing 81 of them to be chopped down to facilitate developers Capital & Regional's plans for our square. Pictures should be of (or relevant to) trees and / or their preservation and we will be setting up a small table near the Farmers' Market on the square every Sunday between now and September between 11.00 am and 1.00 pm with paper and felt-tip pens etc. for children to draw pictures. Letters to the council from children are also welcome and anything that children produce at home can be left inside the porch of 55 Elmsdale Road E17 6PN. The outer door will be left open during daylight hours and we have a big bag inside the porch in which material can be placed. At time of writing we have received about 50 contributions, many of which can be viewed in the gallery on this website, which is linked fron the home page and this page, and which will grow as we receive more children's work.

The roundup section ends with a piece of Johnny Cash's version of This Train leading up to our final item, a short sdtory by Gudrun, read by Adele, entitled At The End which is essentially a reflection on death. This theme is continued in our final item, the song Living for Two from Engineering Paradise the Musical written and performed by Becky Simpson, lyrics by David Gardiner.

LATE EDIT: We've just added a song recorded at our Elmsdale Road home studio by Graham Larkbey, in praise of Walthamstow Football Club. If you are a singer, a musician or part of a small band don't forget that we have the facilities to create high quality recordings of local artists' work free of charge. Just drop us an email and ask.
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PROGRAMME 7 Programme 7 was recorded on the first anniversary of the Grenfell Tower Disaster so we start with a poem about the event: Voice of Truth by Ed Case, and the song Grenfell Tower by Rob Johnson, recorded at the Rose and Crown Folk Club in Walthamstow. This is followed by an interview with Charlie from Moth Physical Theatre which includes her chosen song Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root. The next song is Girl Going Nowhere by Ashley McBryde recorded live at the Grand Ole Oprey. We then have a highly intellectual book review of Eavesdroppings (£0.01 from Amazon), followed by Gossip Calypso from Bernard Cribbins and Forest Roundup from Adele. Next is Nothing's Changed for Me, a particularly heart-rending song of lost love from David Rovic, recorded live at The Brewers Arms in Dalston. Gudrun's short story is then read by Adele, followed by the 1948 recording of Life Gets Tee-jus, Don't it? by Peter Lynd Hayes. We then go on Back Garden Safari in darkest Walthamstow, and finish with Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing Summertime from Porgy and Bess.
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Marilyn Joy, singer/songwriter
Marilyn Joy
An interview with Marilyn Joy, a local singer/songwriter who has just released her first CD, called Crystal D'Arke. Includes some live performances recorded at our little Elmsdale Road studio and selections from the CD. You can buy Marilyn's CD from her Website. She also has a solo gig coming up in the Redbridge Green Fair Music Club's 'Best of the Music Fest' which takes place every 2nd Sunday of the month from summer to Autumn at the Walled Garden, Valentine's Mansion, free entry and anyone interested should contact: Valentine's Mansion.
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Jonathon Holder And The Good Thinking An interview with Jonathon Holder and his producer/collaborator Andrew Hunt, who together make up the nucleus of Jonathon Holder and Good Thinking, one of the country's most promising emerging bands, selected by the O2 organisation for special sponsorship and awarded a recording contract by the record label Marvellous Records who are soon to release the group's first EP. They are London-based and currently on tour as a nine-piece (!) band. Here they explain the way they work and their present recording project of which they are rightfully proud. For details of their tours and where to buy their music you should visit their Facebook Page where you'll find links to many other places.
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Mental Health Awareness Week 14-20 May 2018 This item consists of interviews conducted by Wayne Walton and is divided into two parts. In Part 1 we focus on the topic of stress, how to deal with it in day to day life, and how stress can lead to mental ill-health if not dealt with. Two men, Jon and Pete share their inspirational life stories and talk about their experience with stress at the workplace and its effect on their health, and also about their voluntary commitment to helping others cope with mental ill-health as Time To Change Champions. Earlier this year in February, Waltham Forest became the first funded Time to Change hub in London. Find out how you can get involved.

In Part 2 we continue our conversation about stress and looking after our mental Health. Andrea Corbett, a UK and World Champion Body Builder, entrepreneur and Time To Change champion from Waltham Forest tells us about her journey with mental ill health and stress, and how she managed to turn her life around and start her own business. She also tell us the difference between ‘mental health’ and ‘mental ill health, and demonstrates that with the right support, it is possible to bounce back even stronger.
PART 1 Instant Download
PART 2 Instant Download

Don Campbell at 100
An interview with Don Campbell, his son Allen and his neighbour Jan. Don has just celebrated his 100th birthday, with a party at the Mill (Coppermill Lane) attended by the Mayor of Wathtam Forest Cllr. Yemi Osho and our local MP Stella Creasy. Still in relatively good health and living independently Don is happy to talk about a long and mostly very happy life. We hope to visit him again in the near future, taking with us a ten-year-old boy named Victor to conduct the interview. We are very grateful to Don and his family and friends for the opportunity to meet and talk to Mr. Campbell.
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Charlotte and Paul ~ healthy eating We interviewed professional food & nutrition researcher, writer and speaker Charlotte Palmer and her partner Paul on Sunday 8th April 2018 and this is how it went. Charlotte believes passionaltely that much 'received wisdom' about food and diet is not only false but the precise opposite of what is really the case. She argues this case very forcefully, quoting evidence and sources and showing the common sense of eating the things our species evolved to eat rather than the products of the profit-driven food industry.
This item can be regarded as a pilot as we expect to have Charlotte and Paul back many times to explain their ideas further. Charlotte has a website at where you can look into her arguments in more depth.
We think (and hope) that Catherine and Paul will become very popular regular contributor's to Forest Radio, and if there is anything you would like them to talk about on future programmes or a question you would like to ask just drop us a line using '' and tell us.
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Sunday 8/4/2018
Forest Round Up – Adele. Topics covered:
Hoe Street Central Bank (loans innovation)
Rose and Crown Quiz – Migrants’ Action Group
Mill Round Up:
Knitting Workshop, Scrabble Group, Cut and Paste Exhibition - fund raising for the Mill. Hatha Yoga - Back to Basics twice on Saturday 14 April.Councillors’ surgery 2nd Saturday of each month. Acupuncture at the Mill: 17th April. 3 hours. 4.30 – 7.30. Hoe Street Market – Sunday 15 April. W.F.Trades Hall. 17 Hoe Street.
Monday 16th Rose and Crown – Red Imp Comedy Club. 8.30 £15.00 tickets.

Save our Square updates from David – Fundraiser/theatrical event: Up on the High Road: Tottenham Tapestry company. Rose and Crown.
Update from the public meeting, Thursday 5th April.
Songs: I’m not worth the land that I live on, though I’ve lived here for all of my life. Jimmy Aldrich & Sid Goldsmith.
'Sunny Come Home' from Tyneside Rain (musical) by Roger Wicks, sung by Lilly Brooke.

Hospital Radio - Adele. Music: Errol Garner 'I’ll Remember April'; Fats Waller – 'Your Feet’s Too Big'

Lunch Break at Forest Radio Recording Session No. 6. Adele, David, Gudrun. Talking about America's Deep South - book by Paul Theroux.

Jonathan Bryan – Walthamstow Food Market union Representative. Talking about St. James Street end of Walthamstow Market + parking problems and lack of local police provision.

You can help Jonathan obtain some funding and management advice for his jerk sausage business though the Virgin Awards by clicking on this link: Virgin Awards and voting for him.

Music: 'Dance for Me' – Christopher Williams. 'Bridge over Troubled Water' – Simon and Garfunkel

Lunch break continued … Gudrun, David, Adele, Talking about: Parish Church of St Michael & All Angels – Palm Sunday concert. Baroque music by Buxtehude: Cantatas for Passiontide & 'Membra Jesu Nostre'.

David: Save Our Square – Hustings for April 24th. Open invitation to Council Leader Claire Coghill to come and talk about her views re: Walthamstow Town Square development.

Closing music 'Something in You' written and performed by Steph McFearson.
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