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This page and the ones that follow contain images of some of the artwork and open letters to Waltham Forest Council sent in by local children in response to the competition organised by the Save Our Square E17 Facebook group This group is campaigning to stop a redevelopment scheme for Walthamstow town square which would result in the loss of one third of the public open space to extend a privately-owned shopping centre, the construction of four tower blocks of luxury flats up to a maximum height of 29 storeys, the destruction of 81 mature trees and the re-siting of the children's play area to beside the bus station with its toxic diesel fumes.
        The children of Walthamstow, who have perhaps more of a stake in the town's future than any other group, have expressed their views here. We put it to the leader of Waltham Forest Council, Cllr. Clare Coghill, to explain to them why they can not have what they want. Should she wish to answer any of their letters individually she can do so by email to Forest Radio and we will make sure that it reaches the child concerned.

Here is a complete set of links to download scans of all fifteen children's letters to the council individually
Adam's Letter
Alexis' Letter
Coner's Letter
Hafsa's Letter
Hamza Khan's Letter
Hassan Mahmood's Letter
Kevin's Letter
Kneesha's Letter
Markesha Williams' Letter
Munsat's Letter
Nyan's Letter
Ryan's Letter
Saadia's Letter
Umar's Letter
Yun Jing Yan's Letter

Hamza's picture

Hamza's letter

Dylan and Kami's picture

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