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This is a showcase page for the songs and the story of Engineering Paradise the Musical, a new work for the stage based on part of David Gardiner's 2011 novel Engineering Paradise. The musical was created in a very unusual way and is in the Public Domain so that no Performing Rights fees are payable for producing it and a potential Director would have complete artistic freedom to adapt or amend the script to suit his or her specific requirements.

For more information, including an account of the work's unusual genesis and also a free download of the original longer version of the script, please visit the page that started it all.

Although it has many lighter moments this is at heart a rather dark musical set in the war-and-hatred-torn Belfast of the 1960s and early 70s. It is dedicated to the memory of the approximately 3,500 people who lost their lives in these 'troubles'.

It's essentially a coming-of-age teenage love story set against this background, and a major theme is what we would now call 'radicalisation', a schoolboy without any strong views becoming seduced into IRA membership because of a love of pirate radio and solving technical problems. Seeing it all as an interesting game he makes a Faustian bargain from which there is no escape. This general theme could hardly be more topical.

Shortened Version

Length has been the biggest problem with this play from the outset. Although it covers only about the first 25% of the original novel and has undergone repeated edits and cuts (which is why the song numbers no longer run in sequence), the original ending having been modified so as to fit the shortened story, it is still a substantial piece of theatre and may require further adjustment in the course of its first stage production.

The following links lead to both a PDF file and a Microsoft Word file of the shortened script, which you can either download or read online. If you read either one while online you will find that each song number (highlighted in yellow) will take you to a page where you can play or download a demo version of the song. The demo versions were sent in by email from kindly singers and musicians all over the world, as a result of which the technical quality is inconsistent. The demo versions of the songs are also accessible from the list below.

Engineering Paradise the Musical PDF                    MS_Word_Logo


Sincere thanks to all of the following who were kind enough to give of their time and talent free of charge to turn my lyrics into songs and / or record demo versions for me, or help in numerous other ways to get the project to where it is now. Special thanks to Roger Wicks, Lily Brooke and Andrew Richardson for their advice and encouragement at all stages of the creative process.

Hjalmar Nordén
Rick Hayter
Dayna Lynn
Becky Simpson
Dieselle May
Claire Flanagan
Leon Rosselson
Barbara Korner
Lorraine Grace Jackson
Victoria Weaver
Lesley Gore
James Fraser
William Playle
Jean Lui Toudou

Individual Songs in the Correct Order

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