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Mill Radio programmes

This series was created at The Mill Community Centre, Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow, London E17 7HA, and funded first by Markhouse Ward (Walltham Forest Council) and then by the St James Street Big Local Partnership. The money was largely used to pay for room rental at The Mill for our monthly drop-in recording sessions, and also to allow us to give away free audio CDs of each programme for people without Internet access. It ended in August 2017 when we decided to shift our emphasis towards the whole of Waltham Forest Borough and become more pro-active with field interviews and reporting on issues of all kinds affecting the local community, as well as anything else of local interest or concern. This was the point at which we changed our name from Mill Radio to Forest Radio and purchased the domain name ''. We retained ownership o our original domain name '' so that anybody looking for us under that name would still find us.

Programme 1, March 2015

'Archers' skit: 'Creation of a New Village'
Sara Mitra original song 'Leaving You'
Ros Kane: 'News From Nowhere'
Lily Brooke otiginal song: 'Blockade'
'Chance UK' charity for children with problems
'Didn't Raise my Boy To Be a Soldier' - Peerless Quartet (1915)
Adele interviews some friends in New Orleans
Fats Domino - 'Walking To New Orleans'
'The Self Tracker' short story by Gudrun
General Election hustings at George Monoux College

Programme 2, April 2015

Sara Mitra – interview and live performances
'Lonesome Road' - Tuba Skinny
Simon Ross - Population Matters
Stow Tellers - Alicia Salvoldi
Sima (story teller)
'The Lark Ascending' - Ralph Vaughan Williams
'Fenton the Labrador' + Walthamstow Dog Show
'How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?' - Patti Page
Andrea - trip to Memphis & New Orleans
'Battle of New Orleans' - Lonnie Donegan

Programme 3, May 2015

Norman Minter - trip to Palestine
Leon Rosellson - 'History Lesson'
Steve Roberts - animator (interview)
The Cartoon Medley (Fredde Gredde)
The EMD Cinema, Walthamstow - rebirth
James Brown - 'Night Train' (1962)
Guido on aviation
Giovanni Allevi (pianist) - 'Loving You'
Tribute to B.B. King
B.B. King - 'How Blue Can You Get?'
Masquerade 2000 - Margaret Hamilton
'Like Ah Boss' - Machel Montano
Tribute to Katie Andrews

Programme 4, June 2015

'Lament for Rev Archie Beaton' - Barbara Korner
Writing Group at the Epicentre, Leytronstone
Tudor recreation at Kentwell Hall, Suffolk
Branle des Chevaux - 'Thoinot Arbeau' (composed 1589)
'Green Open Homes' solar powered house
'Here Comes the Sun' - The Beatles
Gudrun - 'A Reflection About Time'
Bob Dylan - 'The Times They Are a'Changin''
Blackhorse Village road closures
'King of the Fairies' - Barbara Korner
David - trip to New Zealand and Borneo
Giovanni Allevi (pianist) - 'Back to Life'

Programme 5, July 2015

Mini Holland scheme - road closures Part 1
'I Want to Ride My Bicycle' - Queen
Mini Holland scheme - road closures Part 2
'Walking To New Orleans' - Fats Domino
'Link for Growth'interview and discussion
'Hotel California' - The Eagles
'Social cleansing' of Walthamstow (Huffington Post)
'Little Boxes' - Pete Seeger
Gudrun - 'Homage to a Cat'- short story Part 1
Tom Jones - 'What's New Pussycat?'
'Homage to a Cat'-Part 2
Jeff the cyclist - road closures
'The Way That I Love You' Jodie Nicholson

Programme 6, September 2015

The Hogeye Men - sea shanties 'Chicken On a Raft'
Elmsdale Road Street Party
Miss Smith Jazz - 'Honeysuckle Rose'
'Walthamstow Market Stroll' The Mill's 4th birthday
'Summertime' - Cam Ringel
Mill Roundup - coming events at The Mill
Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren 'Bangers And Mash'
Fiona O'Flaghterty interviews us on 'Periscope'
Genesis - 'The Battle of Epping Forest'

Programme 7, October 2015

Wild Card Brewery, Walthamstow (interview) Part 1
'I Like Beer' - Tom T Hall
Wild Card Brewery (interview) Part 2
'A Pub With No Beer' - Slim Dusty
Joyce Bennett talks about her father - Part 1
'If it Wasn't for the 'ouses in between' - Gus Elen
Joyce Bennett talks about her father - Part 2
'Papa' - Paul Anka (1974)
Mill news - Adele
'Wind of Change' - The Scorpions
Gudrun - German reunification
David (?) interview - London architecture
Letters the Walthamstow Guardian re Mini Holland

Programme 8, November 2015

'When This Lousy War is Over' - Catherine Paver
'Millie Versus The Machines' - Kiera O'Brien
'Protest Singers' Blues' - Steve O'Donoghue
Changes in our own lives - discussion
'In My Life' - The Beatles
Taylor Wheelan 'Hear My Voice' - supporting young women
Poem 'Imagination' - Taylor Wheelan
James Morrison - 'Undiscovered'
Joyce Bennett talks about her father - Part 3
'Victorian Inventions Song' - Alice Lowe & Ben Willbond
Joyce Bennett talks about her father - Part 4
Studio discussion - house prices, wages
Gretchen Peters - 'When All You've Got is a Hammer'
'Wearing Poppies' - Gudrun - prose poem
Gold Dust - announcing the launch of a new anthology
Mill Roundup - Adele
Mini Holland - Road Closure scheme- protest meeting
Play-out - Tribute to Allen Toussaint 'Southern Nights'

Programme 9, December 2015

Christmas stories and discussion from team and guests
'Silent Night' in German ('Stille Nacht') -Dresden Choir
B.B. King - 'Merry Christmas Baby'
'Joyful Gospel' - Spirit of New Orleans Choir
Bach 'Christmas Oratorio' - Ton Koopman (conductor)
Interview with studio guest Andy
Mahalia Jackson - 'In the Upper Room'
Interview with Natasha McFadzean at The Mill
'Merry Christmas Baby' - James Brown
Mini Holl (brief)+ Taylor Wheelan, Courage Creates Change
Beyoncé - 'Silent Night'
David - Gold Dust anthology book launch
Daffni Percival- comic poem 'The Frog Prince Has His Way'
'London Nights' (short Story) - Katie Lumsden

Programme 10, March 2016

Mini Holland and road closures
'The Road to Hell' - Chris Rea
'Traps With The English'- discussion re learning a language
'Mindfulness' sessions at The Mill - Bob Beard
'May You Never ... Without a Hand to Hold' - John Martyn
The Georgian Village - 'W & D's Caribbean Delights' bar
The Andrews Sisters - 'Rum and Coca Cola'
Ed Sheeran - 'Stay With Me'
Siobhan O’Neill - Tales From The Marsh
Verlon Gates - 'Any Old Angel' (original song)
A tribute to John Chilton
'Potato Head Blues'- Louis Armstrong
Mill Roundup - Adele

Programme 11, April 2016

Norman Minter - latest visit to Palestine
The Beatles - 'Blackbird'
Mill Roundup - (Adele) + discussion
'Busy Bee' - Arthur Askey
Simon Waters - the Pigmy Health Project
Mbilia Bel - 'Beyanga'
The Two Ronnies - 'Crossed Lines'
The Mall Redevelopment Scheme - Jean & Adele
Pete Seeger - 'Little Boxes'
Wood Street Market - interview
The Spinners - 'Linstead Market'
Waltham Forest Oral History Wokshop
Engineering Paradise the Musical - David
Andrew Richardson - opening song from EP the Musical
Andrew Richardson - 'Priest's Song' from EP the Musical
Andrew Richardson-'Love Theme' from EP the Musical

Programme 12, May 2016

Mill News + Starwars Day + Charity Walk for Peace
'Sleepwalk' - Santo and Johnny Farina
Waltham Forest Oral History Wokshop - Part 1
'History Lesson' - Leon Rosselson
Waltham Forest Oral History Wokshop - Part 2
The Rapids - 'The Man From Yesterday'
Taylor Wheelan - 'I'm Enough Because I Love'
Mayoral Election & housing issues
James Bay - 'Let It Go'
Engineering Paradise the Musical - opening song
Jean - The Mall Redevelopment Project

Programme 13, June 2016

Interfaith Walk in Walthamstow
'Old Time Religion' - Parker Millsap
The Mall Redevelopment Project
The Carpenters - 'Top Of The World'
Mill Roundup
Black Lace - 'Hokey Cokey'
EU Referendum - Gudrun, Adele, David
The Sundays - 'Can't Be Sure'
James Cracknel - Waltham Forest Echo editor (Ben)
WFDA walk and memories of meeting John Lee Hooker
John Lee Hooker - 'One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
Ania Hardy - The Song Within (

Programme 14, July 2016

Ben Smith interviews market traders at Leyton
'Promises' - Christine Linge & her band
Siobhan O'Neill's project on Walthamstow Marshes
'Ebony and Ivory' - Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder
Treatment of immigrants - films at the Rose & Crown
The Mill's 5th birthday celebrations & other news
'Happy Birthday' - Stevie Wonder
'Sunshine on a Rainy Day' - Zoë
Bob Beard - Mindfulness training
'La Paloma' - Peter Anders
Adult Play at The Mill - Renetta Fake
'Games People Play' - Joe South
Gudrun - seagull attack at broadstairs
Theme from 'The Birds'
Theme from 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'
Defending Butterfields residents (Nancy Taffee)

Programme 15, September 2016

Mill Roundup - Adele (incl. Postcard Art raffle draw)
Boney M - 'Hooray Hooray It's A Holi- Holiday'
Gudrun's trip to Hamburg
Cat Stevens 'I Love My Dog'
Linda - about the Olympics - Waltham Forest athletes
'A Lovely Day' - Bill Withers
Jean - protesting against The Mall redevelopment scheme
'If It Wasn't for the 'Ouses in Between' - Tracy Coleman
Norman Minter - latest visit to Palestine
Arabic music (unannounced)
David - Engineering Paradise the Musical - 'Main Theme'
'A Very Special Patient' from Engineering Paradise the Musical
'Circumstances' from Engineering Paradise the Musical
'Thank You' from Engineering Paradise the Musical
'Main Theme' - fragment Jeff - interviewed in the Tree Nursery in Hackney
'Whispering Grass' - The Inkspots
Siobhan O'Neill's Marshes project - interview
Jami Sieber - 'Night Song'

Programme 16, October 2016

Interview - Deborah - ESOL classes for immigrant women
Peter Lind Hayes - 'Life Gets Teejus, Don't It' (1948)
Grumpy Corner - Moans and Complaints - Part 1
Paul Eccentric - 'Poetry Will Save You'
Moans and Complaints - Part 2
Sade - 'Smooth Operator'
Moans and Complaints - Part 3
Paul Simon - The Boy In The Bubble
Adele and David - Siobhan's Marsh project exhibition
Mill Roundup
'The Man' - written & performed by Natalie Lucie
Mall Redevelopment Scheme - update
Discussion - Clinton vs. Trump
Adele - local criminals (druggies)
'Theme from Dragnet'

Programme 17, November 2016

HACAN East- City Airport protesters-John Stewart
Bette Midler - 'Wind Beneath My Wings'
Ralph McTell - 'The Streets of London'
Butterfields residents avoid eviction - Nancy Taffee
Bach - 'Christmas Oratorio'- Jauchzet Frohlocket
Gudrun tells a Christmas story
'Step Outside Guides' Francesca Fenn & Margo Skinner - Pt. 1
Lord Kitchener - 'London Is the Place for Me'
'Step Outside Guides' Francesca Fenn & Margo Skinner - Pt. 2
'A Girl Who Gets Around'- Dayna Lynn (from EP the Musical)
Mill Roundup - Adele
'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus' - The Ronettes
Tribute to Leonard Cohen - David
Leonard Cohen - 'Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye'
Simon and Garfunkel - 'Silent Night'

Programme 18, February 2017

Interview - Clare Coghill, Waltham Forest Council leader
Billie Holiday - 'Strange Fruit'
Mini Holland / high rise / Wetlands / sense of community
'The Man' - Natalie Lucie
Mill Roundup - Adele
Francesco Gabbani - 'Occidentali's Karma'
Guido- Italian earthquake hit villages around Accumoli
Nena - '99 Red Baloons' (in German)
David - New Zealand & Costa Rica - new granddaughter
Christy Moore - 'Only Her Rivers Run Free'
Taylor Wheelan - 'Buddy With - Find Support & Share'
Capital 7 Regional (developers) announcement

Programme 19, March 2017

Chuck Berry - 'Memphis Tennessee
Adele - Tribute to Chuck Berry
Helen Bigham - interviewed by Adele - Charity Walk for Peace
Nancy Sinatra - 'These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
David - New Zealand & Costa Rica (accidental repeat)
'A You're Adorable - Doris Chang (fragment)
Brett Smitheram - World Scrabble Champion - discussion, Pt. 1
Gudrun talks about her fall
Delta Rhythm Boys - 'Dem Bones Dem Bones Dem Dry Bones'
Adele - Mill Roundup
Harry Belafonte - 'Matilda'
Joyce Bennett - experience with the drug lithium
Song about anorexia - 'Sophie' - Eleanor McEvoy

Programme 20, Aprl 2017

'A You're Adorable - Doris Chang (fragment)
Brett Smitheram - World Scrabble Champion - discussion, Pt. 2
'Fleeting Years' - Rick Hayter
'April Fool' by Gudrun - short story
Tom Lehrer - 'The Vatican Rag'
Mill Roundup - Adele
Interview with Wetlands Steve
Danny Kaye - 'The Ugly Duckling'
James Cracknell, editor The Waltham Forest Echo
The Mall redevelopment scheme, 'new consultation'
The Weavers - 'Brother Can You Spare a Dime?'
Charity Walk for Peace- Helen Bigham interview Voice of Islam
Peter, Paul and Mary - 'Puff The Magic Dragon'

Programme 21, May 2017
br> Mill Roundup - Cake Competition at The Mill
'If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake'- Eileen Barton
Folk Club at the Rose and Crown - Sian Allen
Silver Dagger - Sian Allen
Brett Smitheram - World Scrabble Champion - discussion, Pt. 3
Charity Walk for Peace- live recording on the walk- discussion
Mahalia Jackson - 'Just a Closer Walk With Thee'
Socialist Party meeting about housing
Godfather Theme & Eminem - 'Criminal'
Kingdom Security Ltd. under consideration for Waltham Forest
'My Old Man's a Dustman' - Lonnie Donegan
Sunday Funday's (dances for seniors) - Adele
'Let's Dance' - Chris Montez
'A Midsummer Night's Dream' - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Programme 22, June 2017

New intro from Neil Innes & The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band 'Intro'
Adele - Mill Roundup'
Tom Rush - 'Remember Song'
New candidate for William Morris Ward (local election)
Talk - The Mall redevelopment scheme & Grenfell Tower disaster
Bob Marley - 'One Love'
David - talks about Gold Dust Magazine
Yumiko (ex-Hiroshima, has new baby Enfys) & Norman Minter
Talk about Palestine - music recorded at a club
The E17 Arts Trail - retrospective - STEAM theme - introduction
Live recordings from Arts Trail including Jean Wollard, poet
Live recording - 'I Remember You' - Alice Mary Jay
While my Guitar Gently Weeps - Gabriella Quevedo

Programme 23, July 2017

'Keep on Gwine' - James Booker
Adele - Mill Roundup
The Great Millish Bakeoff
'Down to Margate' - Chas and Dave
Interview with Miro Kokenov, Bulgarian actor living Walthamstow
Janis Joplin - 'Me And Bobby Mcgee
'Suspicion' - short story by Gudrun
Johnny Cash - 'Leaving on a Jet Plane'
Wayne - interview with Hamsa Abdulwahi, Active Change Foundation
Johnny Cash - 'I Walk the Line'
Town Centre - Mall redevelopment scheme
'Thought for the Day' (Radio 4) about high rise - Rhidian Brook
'If It Wasn't for the 'Ouses In Between' - Gus Elen'
Interview with Hilary Rhoden's ESOL group at the Mill
'Hello Friend' - The Johnstons
Wayne - interview - people in queue for Walthamstow Garden Party
Toots and the Maytals - 'Pressure drop'

Brett Smitheram

The full interview with World Scrabble Champion Brett Smitheram

Helen Bigham

Interview on Voice of Islam Radio with The Mill's Business Manager

Norman Minter

Interview with Norman Minter on Bethlehem 2000 Radio in Palestine

First Series

This doesn't form a very coherent series but represents our first few experiments with Internet broadcasting. In 2012 a group of older Waltham Forest residents were invited to take part in a scheme funded by Age UK to undertake a course to train as radio presenters at Waltham Forest College, with a view to creating online programmes for older people to go up on the Age UK Waltham Forest website. For a number of reasons this never happened and we were left with modest presenting skills but no platform from which to broadcast. Hence we formed ourselves into The Waltham Forest Community Radio Group and started recording programmes in one another's homes and interviewing people in the streets ('vox pop') using the website that I (David) already had to present our work, without any formal funding and more or less for nothing. In this way we honed our skills as presenters and sound editors and were eventually offered funding and free room rental by The Mill Community Centre, Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow, London E17 7HA, to undertake a series of oral history style recording sessions (Conversation Mill). This was funded first by Markhouse Ward (Walltham Forest Council) and then by the St. James Street Big Local Partnership, allowing us to become the Internet podcast station calling itself 'Mill Radio', creating somewhat more polished programmes covering the full range of local issues, interests and talents as best we could. The money was largely used to pay for room rental at The Mill where we had our our monthly drop-in recording sessions, and also to allow us to give away free audio CDs of each programme for people without Internet access.

Our more recent history can be found under the 'Mill Radio' column.

Programme 1

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
Bessie Smith- 'A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight' (1927)
Jill Cole - The 'HEET' project + Tai Chi
Martha And The Vandellas - 'Heat Wave'
Janet - Tansley, Derbyshire - International Folk Group
Margaret Whiting, Johnny Mercer - 'Baby Its Cold Outside'
Joyce Bennett - about her short-lived marriage
Billie Holiday - 'It's Too Hot For Words' (1935)
Joyce Bennett - continued
Julia Lee - 'Out in the Cold Again' (1946)
Kia (age 9) interviews Jill Cole
Grace - 'Everyone Sang' by Siegfried Sassoon
Martha And The Vandellas - 'Heat Wave'
How do you keep warm? Adele
'Eclipse' written & peformed by Lily Brooke (age 13)
'In the Deep Midwinter' - Choir of Kings College, Cambridge
Adoption of David's daughter Cherelle
'Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire' - Nat King Cole
Christmas in Ireland and England
'Steam Heat' - Patti Page (fragment)

Programme 2

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
'Right Said Fred' - Bernard Cribbins
Cowboy plumber - Zilla
Father Papered the Parlour- Mike Sammes Singers (missannounced)
'Trust Mark' approved tradespeople
'This Old House' - Brenda Lee & Dolly Parton
Joyce Bennett - a World War Two Childhood
Dame Vera Lynn - 'The Blue Cliffs of Dover'
Kia interviews her friend Jasmine about her Auntie Clare
Harry Patch, last surviving soldier of World War I
Liam Clancy - 'The Green Fields Of France'
The cost of renting flats in London - Jill & Adele
Nat Travers - 'He's Living in a Big House Now'
Appeal for feedback - David
Freddie Mercury - 'These Are the days of Our Lives'

Programme 3

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
Our theme - Second Time Around - discussion
Colin & Annie, Adele's friends from Kent, living on a canal boat
'Messing About on the River' - Russell Cleaver
Jean - talking about travelling in retirement
The Stargazers - 'The Happy Wanderer' ( 1954 )
Having a bit more time - the training course
Meeting re adoption of an NPC Dignity Code for older people
Peter Lind Hayes - 'Life Gets Teejus, Don't It?' ( 1948 ) First mention of The Mill- Kniting Group and Mosaics Group
Rose and Crown - performances - The Folk Club
Folk ClubMedley: 'Shotgun Serenade','William Taylor' (contd.)
'Herald of Free Enterprise', 'One Click', 'Theology'(full song)
Jill on 'second time around'- The Altzheimer's Society
Leonard Cohen - 'Dance Me to the End of Love'
'Oh What a Lovely War!' at Stratford East - Adele
'When They Asked Us' from 'Oh What A Lovely War!'
Jean's trip to the show with a blind friend
Gudrun - 'Good Wishes' - essay on Christmas & New Year
Perry Como - 'Catch A Falling Star'
Gudrun - German Christmas traditions
Marlene Dietrich - 'Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte'
(If I could wish for good times or bad times which should it be?)
An original song from Gurun's son Uzo
Dion - 'The Wanderer' (fragment)

Programme 4

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
List of things to come
The Dixie Cups - 'Iko Iko'
Kelly - New Orleans tour guide - interview with Adele 'Can't Wait' - Tuba Skinny Dancers in Royal Street, New Orleans
Food of Nigeria - discussion
'Sweet Mother' - Prince Nico Mbarga
Information on Nigeria & World War II
Chat over lunch about food
'Food, Glorious Food' from the musical 'Oliver'
Blackberry picking on the Marshes - Betty, Katy and Adele
Harry Macdonough and Chorus - 'Down By the Old Mill Stream' (1911)
Lindsay Collier - book launch: 'Walthamstow Through Time'
Lily Brooke - song from Roger Wickes' Rock Opera: 'I Miss You'
'I'll See You In My Dreams' - Joe Brown

Programme 5

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
Professor Longhair - 'Go to the Mardi Gras'
Interview with Adele's friend John
Aurora Nealand & The Red Roses - 'Ferry Man'
Jill Cole - 'My Cat Oz'(story)
'It's Raining Cats and Dogs' - Jim Jarratt (intersperced)
Gudrun - about her cut Mushie
Mia - Megan the cat
Jean - Cat that we bought for our daughter
Flanders and Swann - 'The Gnu Song'
Lindsay Collier - 'Walthamstow Through Time'
'Wild Horses' - Susan Boyle
Gudrun's life in Nigeria - Part 1
'Sunny Okosun - 'Which Way Nigeria?'
Summing up by Gudrun - the good things about Nigeria
E17 Art Trail - Guided tour of the Marshes with Siobhan O'Neill
Jill is leaving us
'The Days of Our Lives' - Queen

Programme 6

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
Gudrun's life in Nigeria - Part 2
Alhaji Haruna Ishola and his Apala Group - 'Soyoyo'
Jill - poem: 'Tea With Our Grandmothers' by Warsan Shire
'She Moved Through the Fair' - Anne Briggs
Lindsay Collier - book signing, 'Walthamstow Through Time'
Lindsay Collier - the Pumphouse Museum
Interview - Joe McPhoy - Tai Chi teacher - Part 1
James Brown - 'The Boss'
Jean - 'Spaceparents' parents of children overseas
Elmsdale Road Street Party announcement - David
Carol Butler's recipes for lamb, pasta, Pomodori tomatoes, sauces
Abba - 'Chiquitita'
Thanks to Age UK
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore 'Goodbye-ee'

Programme 7

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
Joe McPhoy - diet, physical and emotional/psychological dimensions
'California Dreamin'' - Bobby Womack
Elmsdale Road Street Party announcement - Jean
'Neighborhood Street Party Parade Music' - Sesame Place
Carol Butler - memories of Stratford High Street
'I Got it on Sale' - Frankie Love Band
Discussion - shopping
World War I Commemorative Event, Walthamstow Assembly Hall
'Where Have All the Flowers Gone?' - Marlene Dietrich
Adele - introducing 'Conversation Mill'
Uzo Ubaka, Gudrun's son, original song: 'Look at Me Thrice'
Interview with Uzo Ubaka
'Lost Song Coming Home' Uzo Ubaka
Interview concludes + goodbyes
'Good Bye to the People Who Hated Me' - Fahad Farooq

Programme 8

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
Jill's response to Joe McPhoy's piece in the last programme
Harry Champion - 'Boiled Beef And Carrots' (1909)
Residents of Doreen Capstan House - a domino league?
Patachou - 'Domino' (1950)
Adele - The News From Nowhere Club
Nigun Atik - Israeli Folk Dance
Francis Fiebrace - interview and performance
Leonard Cohen - 'The Darkness'
Report on the Elmsdale Road Street Party
Sara Mitra - 'My Baby and Me'
'Some Enchnted Evening' - Perry Como (fragment)
Preview of 'Conversation mill' - George from Greek Cyprus
Salut Salon - 'We'll Meet Again'

Programme 9

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
Talking about computers
'Computer Music' - She
'The Internet Helpdesk' - One Dead Troll (wrongly announced)
Eleni - Internet bullying and scams
The Marvelettes - 'Please Mr Postman'
Happy birthday to Adele
'Someday Soon' - Suzanne Bogguss
New development at the top of the High Street
The Drifters - 'Saturday Night at the Movies'
Discussion continued
Pink Floyd - 'Another Brick In The Wall'
Child Benefit and overpopulation
James Brown - 'Get On Up'
Spy camera cars to trap motorists
Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell
'Good Bye to the People Who Hated Me' - Fahad Farooq

Folk Special

This was a pilot programme for an abandoned folk music series
It was linked togethr and narrated by David

Carolan's Dream - Fiana Ní Chonaill (harp)
'A Wandring Minstrel I' - The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
'The Well Below the Valley' - Christy Moore
Chumbawamba - 'The Diggers' Song'
Joan Baez - 'Birmingham Sunday'
Ralph McTell - 'The Streets Of London'
Leon Rosselson - 'The Garden of Stone'
Play out - 'Carolan's Dream'

Conversation Mill

As the name suggests this was a series of recorded conversations which we undertook with with the aim or archiving the memories and present-day lives and interests of some of Waltham Forest's residents. It was funded by Markhouse Ward through The Mill Community Centre on Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow, London E17 7HA, and was the beginning of our closer assocoation with this organisation. This was where the recordings were made. The format for each session was a conversation, usually with an agreed topic which might of course be interpreted in different ways, and we could sometimes drift considerably off-topic. Each programme tended to have a different selection of contributors. You can see the way that the programmes developed, from random conversation and almost no other content to more structured and directed conversation broken up with music.

Conversation 1, May 2014

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
Chas And Dave - 'Rabbit'
Present: from the group, David, Adele and Gudrun. Visitor: Eleni(Green)
Discussion wanders over many topics. Play out - Chas And Dave - 'Rabbit'

Conversation 2, June 2014

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
Present: David, Jean, Adele, Gudrun. Visitors: Renie, Eleni, George
'I want to Ride my Bicycle' - Queen
Bicycles on the pavement
Motoring and Cycling
'You Are My Sunshine' - Boxcar Willie
George's life story
'Puff The Magic Dragon' - Peter, Paul & Mary
George's life story - contd.
Pregnancy - home deliveries - medicine - social services
'Smile' - Nat King Cole
George's wedding - 'Some Enchanted Evening' - Perry Como (fragment)
'Casta Diva' - Maria Callas
Eleni's reasons for comng to England
The Beatles - 'Revolution'

Conversation 3, July 2014

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
Present: Jill, David, Gudrun, Jean. Visitors: Eleni, Gorge
Reminiscences - World War II. Fashions. Old clothes catalogue
The Kinks - 'Dedicated Follower Of Fashion'
Mods and Rockers.More discussion, mixed topics
'Aquarius' (Let the Sunshine in) _ The Fifth Dimension Hippy dress. Emergence of the 'love and peace' generation
Clothes censorship. Heels.
Louis Armstrong 'What A Wonderful World'
Uniformity of dress code. School uniforms
Eleni Karaindrou - 'Ulysses' Gaze'
School uniforms contd
Jenny Joseph - When I Am Old - (poem)

Conversation 4, August 2014

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
Present: Jean, David, Adele, Gudrun
Visitors: Norman, Eleni, Renie, John, Maggie
Turning points - things that have changed our lives
Liam Clancy - 'The Green Fields Of France'
Conversation continues
Bob Dylan 'The Times They Are A Changin''
Conversation continues
Brotherhood Of Man - 'Save Your Kisses For Me'
Jean - on becoming a teacher. Dreams
Roy Orbison - 'In Dreams'
About music
Louis Armstrong - 'It's All in the Game'
Record industry - how do you make money?
The Beatles - 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'
The Cilla Black story on TV. Carol King musical. White Christmas
Charity singalongs - Jean
Brotherhood Of Man - 'Save Your Kisses For Me'
Play out: Chas And Dave - 'Rabbit'

Conversation 5, September 2014

Chas And Dave - 'Rabbit'
Present: Adele, Barry, Gudrun, David, Bess, Renie, George, Elanie
Topic: Holidays. Canal boat holiday
'Summer Holiday' - Cliff Richard
Aliens & UFOs(Barry) - cabin fever (George & Bess)
'Bring Me Sunshine' - Morecambe and Wise
Elanie - Cornish holiday
Luciano Pavarotti - 'Caruso'
Barry - first holiday
The Shadows - 'Apache'
More holiday stories
Extract from First Movement of Antonin Dvorak's 'New World Symphony'
'The Man You're Meant to Be' - Janis Ian
More discussion
The theme from 'Come September' - Bobby Darin and His Orchestra
Indian gentleman (name unknown)reminiscences
'If I Fell in Love With You' - The Beatles
India - burning the wife with the dead husband
'National Brotherhood Week' - Tom Lehrer
David - holidays for writers

Conversation 6, October 2014

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
Presenters: Jill, David, Gudrun, Adele
Chas And Dave - 'Rabbit'
Topic- childhood or first relationship
'The Streets of Baltimore' - Bobby Bare
More discussion
'Sailing' - Rod Stewart
More discussion
'Bella Ciao' -
More discussion
Chuck Berry - 'Riding Along In My Automobile'
Present: Barry, Bess, Renie, George, Elanie, Eddie
John Lennon - 'Imagine'
More discussion
'Try to Remember' by The Brothers Four
More discussion
'The Last Waltz With You' - Engelbert Humperdinck
More discussion

Conversation 7, November 2014

Cliff Richard - 'The Young Ones'
Presenters: Jill, David, Gudrun & Adele
Guests: Jean, Eddie Chas And Dave - 'Rabbit'
Talking about Conversation Mill
Health issues
More discussion
'Dry Bones'(artists not known)
More discussion
Bessie Smith - 'You've Been A Good Old Wagon' (1925)
More discussion
Bob Marley - 'No Women no Cry'
More discussion
'This Bitter Earth' - Dinah Washington
More discussion - Ghana under Kwame Nkrumah
'My Oh My' - Leonard Cohen
More discussion - Africans and money


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