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Hilary Davis, Local Textile Artist Jean talks to Hilary Davis, textile arist, quilter and teacher of sewing at The Mill, Coppermill Lane, who guides us through a display of her work and tells us about her life and why she moved from her career as a science teacher to discover her talent for the creative arts and begin her love affair with quilting

Questions Unanswered British-Spanish singer-songwriter Alba, a long time friend of Forest Radio, uveiled what she has announced as her debut EP "Questions Unanswered" on June 14th 2024, although she has a large body of earlier recorded work.

The EP has been produced by Alba and "edbl", and recorded at Europe’s first solar-powered studio “The Premises”, with a special contribution from the London African Gospel Choir.

Forest Radio is proud of its association with this rising young socially and politically involved star.
Elin talks to Lara Parmiani, the Artistic Director of Legalalienstheatre The first in a new series of interviews of people from the world of art and culture conducted by Elin Morgan in Walthamstow's Wetland.

Introducing Elin Morgan A very brief introduction and welcome to a new member of the Forest Radio team, Elin Morgan, who is presently completing an MA in creative writing but has a background that includes podcast radio, writing, theatre and much more. We are delighted to have her on the team.

Holiday in New Zealand and Singapore, 2024 As some of you will know Jean and I (David) had a holiday in New Zealand and Singapore in January and February of this year. This is very much a "home movie" so don't expect too much. It was patched together from the video clips and still photographs we had on our "Smarphone" when we got back. The film was an afterthought so please forgive the imperfections.

Waltham Forest Earth DayThis event provided an opportunity for we the people of Waltham Forest people to discuss the state of the planet as well as our hopes and fears for the future. We were welcomed to the town square to make our views known and at least a hundred people, many of us members of environmental, libertarian, social equality or anti-war pressure groups took up the offer..

Celebration of the Life of John Whitehorn. Forest Radio remembers the life of a very good friend and regular contributor to our programmes. His special fields of expertise were the folk tradition of London and the history of music hall in London and the rest of the UK. His death is a sad blow to the Forest Radio team.

Something has been going seriously wrong in the last few years at King Solomon School, Ilford, and in Management Crisis at King Solomon School Michelle Rosenberg reporting in Jewish News Online and Bob Archer try to give a balanced account of both sides of the dispute.

Tanya Frank talks about Zig-Zag Boy, the book in which she tells the story of her son's journey through a series of psychiatric disgnoses, treatments and medical institutions both in the USA and Britain. Amazing honesty and openness, and told in elegant and poinant prose.

Whatever mental image you may have of a singer/songwriter you can forget it. John Arthur Hewson is, forgive the over-used word, unique. Totally compelling, with something to say and employing his own rules about how to say it. An absolute one-off.

How to Bake Irish Soda Bread. The long-promised tried and tested recipe for Irish Soda Bread which has been praised by everybody who has eaten it so far.

Walthamstow Folk ClubChristmas Party 2023 An irreverent Christmas sing-song at "Ye Olde Rose & Crown" public house on Sunday 17th December 2023

Genefire Local author Dr. James M. Flanagan, Reader in Epigenetics at Imperial College London, was kind enough to visit us at the Elmsdale Road house to talk about his new sci-fi novel Genefire

Music gig with Marilyn Joy and the band David Croneberg's Wife at the Leytonstone Ex-Servicemen's Club on Friday 8th September 2023.

Interview with members of The Drive Housing Co-operative at 8 The Drive, E17 3BW

Stories to Tell Part of South Asian Heritage History Month

Piper playing the English border pipes in Walthamstow town square on Sunday 6th August 2023

Book Launch of "Telling Our Story" an anthology of selected work created in a Waltham Forest Twinning Association writing course

BBC Radio 4's "Any Questions" and "Any Answers" phone-in on the real nature of the alleged housing crisis.

On air readings of three of my stories on Vision Australia Radio

Radio 4 news magazine Broadcasting House on the housing crisis for the lower paid

Save Our Square speakers voice concerns about the fire safety of the Monster Blocks"

Professor Peter Doyle's talk to the local branch of The Western Front Association about "Princess Mary’s Christmas Box"

Downloadable photographs of Walthamstow from around the turn of the 20th century

Christmas Special 2022: an informal Christmas look back at 2022 and forward to 2023 by the four main members of the Forest Radio team. Includes musical choices

A complete performance by the Three Valleys Male Voice Choir including two solo piano recitals from 14-year-old Ziyue You

Telling Our Story: guest night showcase by Creative Writing Group of the local Antigua & Barbuda and Dominica Twinning Association

A rehearsal of The Three Valleys Male Voice Choir in Waltham Abbey + interviews with members

Invitation to a free professional therapy series from In Therapy

After seven years of opposing the Town Centre Redevelopment Scheme, Save Our Square refuses to give up

Peer Power, an "empathy-led" charity striving to empower young people to make their voices heard

A stroll through Walthamstow's "Mile Long Street Party" – 5th June 2022

Music duo Fransismusiofficial busking in Walthamstow market Sunday 29th May 2022

Old Time Music Hall from St. Andrew's Church Upper Leytonstone E11 1JD, Saturday 9th April 2022

A talk by Extinction Rebellion Waltham Forest at Harmony Hall, Saturday 2nd April 2022

Graham Sclater, Musician, Author, Publisher and Creative Writing Seminar Leader

A Taste of Honey – a film by Tony Richardson (1961)

An evening of Old Time Music Hall at the Mary Ward Centre

A film about Orford House Social Club's 100 years of history

Norman Enders talks to Adele, Jean and David about his life and WW II flying career

Homelessness activist Tommy Anderson tells us about an instance of Council malice

Frances Simmons of Action4Whipps talks to us prior to handing in a petition about the Margaret Centre

Forest Radio talks to Norma Dudley of Action4Whipps about the present state of play of the campaign

Oldest living Pearly Queen Phyllis Broadbent tells us about the movement and her life

Updates from LBC on the various campaigns to remove LTNs (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods)

Launch of an attempt to remove the LTNs (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods) in Walthamstow by referendum

Christmas Special from Forest Radio, 2021

Comedian Mark Steel comes to Walthamstow to take a look at the town and its council

Colombian dancers in the town square as part of Walthamstow's "High Street Adventure", 4th december 2021

A major fire broke out within 1 K of the Forest Radio house at about 2.20pm today, 5th December 2021

actioon4Whipps holds protest rally against Council's "Rubber Stamping" of Whipps Cross' Planning Application

John Whitehorn examines the musical traditions of London and Londoners

The campaign to save 122 Trees in Orient Way Pocket Park in Leyton

Live folk concert in support of "Sue's House" Cancer Support Charity in Ilford

Forest Radio talks to singer/songwriter Andrea Dee

Nick Ferrari's latest Mini Holland phone-in + the 2017 documentary Mini Holland – A Discussion.

John Whitehorn's "Desert Island Discs".

Opening Event at Fellowship Square, Walthamstow, 14th August 2021.

Two East London women born in 1938, one from Trinidad and one from London, talk about their lives.

Waltham Forest's attempt to evict mother of three Nadia Zaman Attaria.

Save Our Square holds its first public meeting of 2021.

Holocaust survivor Mala Tribich gives a talk at Kingsmead School, Enfield.

Adel's "Desert Island Discs" choice of her favourite music. 2nd programme in this series.

Another Visit to Walthamstow's Sunday Social Market

David the DJ, David's "Desert Island Discs" without the desert island, or indeed Lauren Laverne

Jazz on a Summer's Day, the cult classic film of the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island State, USA.

Interview with Frantisek Brikcius – A Preview of Waltham Forest Cello Fest No. 3

Finnish comedian ISMO explains the subtlies of ass references in American English

A project by St. James Street Big Local to record the memories of long-term Walthamstow residents

A visit to Walthamstow's Sunday Social Market on 9th May 2021

Programme 24, all uploads completed Monday 3rd May 2021

Mass destructionof trees in Walthamstow by Network Rail just as nesting season begins

Planet of the Humans, a controversal ecology documentary by Jeff Gibbs & Michael Moore

A Year to Change the World ~ documentaries about Greta Thunberg

A new opportunity for short story writers and readers

NHS physiotherapist Claire Stainton writes about her experiences on the Covid ward

April Fools' Day nation-wide protests from Extinction Rebellion

Cartoon from condemning our failure to distribute Covid-19 vaccines worldwide

The Waltham Forest Antigua Barbuda and Dominica Twinning Association

1960s style housing estate planned to replace Fulbourne Road Homebase

New song from Alba – Child of theStars

Complete recording of the meeting of Waltham Forest Planning Committee held on 27th Jan 2021

Report on a particularly despicible armed robbery in Walthamstow

A New Song From Marilyn Joy

Programme 23 – the Christmas Special

Live "Smiling Sessions" from Shapeshifter Productions

Interview with Rosida and Paul from the Christian Kitchen charity

Other Theresa at Walthamstow Trades Hall on 6th Dec 2020

Interview with John Arthur and Maggie Houlihan

The Poetry and Songs of Other Theresa

Adrian Stannard gives the first of his talks on our changing Waltham Forest street scene

Adrian Stannard gives his second talk on our changing Waltham Forest street scene

Adrian Stannard gives his third talk on the changing Waltham Forest street scene

Adrian Stannard gives his fourth talk on the changing Waltham Forest street scene

The Show Must Go Online ~ Episode 3: a dress rehearsal from The Cirencester Theatre Company

Smoke and Mirrors – The Reality of Town Planning

Jean introduces the poetry and music of Ros Kane recorded at her Leytonstone home

Save Our Square Rally in the town square, 24th October 2020

Promotional film for Engineering Paradise the novel becomes "age restricted"

Alfred Hitchcock in East London (documentary film)

Action4Whipps website hosted by Forest Radio

Interview with "Other Theresa" about her coming series of six free Creative Writing workshops

Working Illegally – the plight of UK residents denied the right to work

A shocking indictment of the failings of Test and Trace

A debate on "Equality" from the Institute of Art and Ideas

The music of Walthamstow's John Blood

"The Suicide Monologues", a film created at the University of Sheffield

Gerri Ellis, teacher of Pilates at The Mill Community Centre

Institute of Art and Ideas free public lecture on Artificial Intelligence

"Sister", a new song from Alba

William Blake, London's greatest poet, evaluated by Simon Schaman and Testament

Jean Duggleby talks to David Gardiner about his project to launch a new short story journal

Philosophy on Forest Radio – three recorded lectures of philosophical interest

Local poet Aimée King and Orla Bradfield discuss Aimée's new poetry collection "The Empath"

Lily Brooke's New Song Stand (acoustic version)

Ian Maclean (guitar and vocals) and Julia Clarke (vocals) ~ "Now We Are Old"

Recording of a public meeting hosted on Zoom by Waltham Forest Save Our NHS

Alba: Let's Heal The World

Classical Music in the Park from Bess Solomon & Sally Johnson

A Lockdown Homage to Desert Island Discs

Jan Hart Invites You to Join Her On A Journey to the Moon

Waltham Forest Extinction Rebellion invites you to "Vote With Yout Feet"

Ghost Town (Walthamstow) performed by Jan Hart and Guilia Marta

Lily Brooke's Thirty Day Song Recording Challenge

Applause for Waltham Forest's NHS Workers

Message to Waltham Forest People Suffering from Diabetes

“Pinocchio” – a magical theatrical presentation for all the family

The Effects of the Virus on the Homeless

A Vaccine for Covid-19 ~ BBC World Service broadcast

Special Announcement from Forest Radio.html

Documentary film: My Home Town – Walthamstow.html

Programme 22

Walthamstow Honours Former Doctor with Blue Plaque

Anthony Noun talks about the future for council owned buildings

New Single: 'Mass Extinction' by Alba

Cllr Ahsan Khan talks about the council's Violence Reduction Partnership

Concrete Soldiers UK ~ a documentary film

Programme 21

An informal chat with local novelist Shelly Berry

Somewhere to Live – A Look at the Housing Crisis

Neil Wilcock – Philosophy for 3 and 4 year-olds

Ellie and Kate

The Origins of Music Hall Part 2

Poetry of Mawlana Jalaldin Mohammad Rumi

The Origins of Music Hall Part 1

Programme 20: This Time it's Personal

Waltham Forest Rally in Support of School Kids' Strike – 29th November 2019

Rebecca Dyer, Animator and Illustrator

Prison Life – a First-hand Account

Carnival Fantastico in Coronation Gardens, Leyton, 28th September 2019

Jack PetcheySpeak Out Challenge Regional Final 2019

Hibo Wardere talks to Forest Radio about FGM

Wiilma Community Arts Project

Mental Health, Family & Wellbeing

The Gospel Show, Jordan's Demeanours Exhibition - 24th October 2019

14th Scouts Walthamstow

Programme 19

The Newham Writers Event at Leytonstone Library, 24/10/19

Dede Godfrey, Team GB Player & British Horseball Association coach

Interview with gang member Jonathan

Maxine Beuret & Steve Heyden talk about door-step milk delivery in Waltham Forest

World Osteoporosis Day Appeal

A Portrait of Walthamstow Market – Film – 5 minute version

A Portrait of Walthamstow Market – Film – 30 minute version

Walthamstow's Farmers' Market

St. Lukes in the High Street – a New Kind of Church

PL84U Al_Suffa World Homeless Week October 2019 in Waltham Forest

Wayne Walton talks to Sarah Purchase of Borrowed Light Florals

Programme 18

Interview with Rachel Cardel of the Big Local, St. James Street

Forest Radio Campaign for Safer Buses

A report on the homeless people in Stratford Centre for World Homeless Week

An Easier Way to Live – Eco-Back-Packers Andrew and Zoe

Mervin Caesar-John talks about Black History Month

Greta Thunberg's speech to the United Nations

Interview with Gavin Litton of Pillars Brewery, E17 9HQ

Songs and Smiles - fund raising event for children and adults

Extinction Rebellion Update 20th Sept 2019

An interview with Chantelle Michaux of Mbilla Arts

An interview with Winstan Whitter, creator of the film Legacy in the Dust

A guided tour of God's Own Junkyard

Adam Land talks about the winding-up of Carefree Kids

Young people raise money for Waltham Forest Community Hub

Windrush Compensation Scheme

Programme 17

Interview with Emma of Beatroots

Interview with Sam Jones, Headteacher at Kelmscott School

Eggs and Bread Cafe, 191 Wood Street, E17 3NU

A New Whipps Cross Hospital?

Interview with Esther Manito, comedian

Interview with Elsie

Tanaka and Lister

Rendezvous Projects

Programme 16

Leyton Mela, 2019

Kukoolala Cafe in Leyton Jubilee Park

Leyton Jubilee Park Market

Waltham Forest Pride Day 2019

Waltham Forest Extinction Rebellion ~ talk ~ Heading for Extinction

Interview with Sam Jones of the One Hoe Street Hub

Islamic Art and Heritage Exhibition at One Hoe Street E17

Binning Knives Saves Lives Revisited

Blackhorse Arts ~ One Act Plays at Walthamstow Garden Party

Programme 15

The Reality of Stop and Search

Conversation With Ahmed Hussain About Making the Invisible Visible

Interview with a Female Boxer

Celebrating Refugee Week

Waltham Forest Migrant Action

Matthew Roberts ~ Teach

Seva Street ~ Serving With Love

Binning Knives Saves Lives

Extinction Rebellion Rally in the Town Square

Know Your Bike

Saving Harmony Hall

Epping Forest Food Bank

Inter Faith Walk 2019

Alba's Forest Radio Interview of 27/05/19

The Inspired Art Exhibition at The Mill

All About Eve

Father's Day ~ 16th June

E17 Art Trail 2019 ~ Final Roundup

Leytonstone Art Trail 6th-14th July 2019 ~ Preview

Programme 14

Return to the Human Library

Extinction Rebellion ~ The Marble Arch Camp

Showcase for Engineering Paradise the Musical

Walthamstow Art Trail 2019

National Volunteer Awareness Week

Human Library Project

Extinction Rebellion at Marble Arch

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Programme 13

The Archipeligo Project ~ Full Version

Visit Visit My Mosque ~ Mansfield Road 2019 ~ Full Version

Jack Petchey 'Speak-Out' Competition,
Waltham Forest 2018-19 Regional Finals

Programme 12

A Tribute to the Late Joyce Bennett

Programme 11

Programme 10

Programme 9

Waltham Forest Pride Gathering

Programme 8

Programme 7

Marilyn Joy, singer/songwriter

Jonathon Holder And The Good Thinking

Mental Health Awareness Week 14-20 May 2018, Part 1

Mental Health Awareness Week 14-20 May 2018, Part 2

Don Campbell at 100

Charlotte and Paul ~ healthy eating

Programme 6

spanning the period between
5th Aug. 2017 and 20th March 2018


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