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Rev Desmond Jaidoo

      Interview with Rev Bishop Dr Desmond Jaidoo, Chair of the Windrush Movement UK

Wayne Walton interviews Rev Bishop Dr Desmond Jaidoo, Chair of the Windrush Movement UK. Recorded on Thursday 12/09/2019

The Windrush hostilities didn't go away simply because the government launched a Windrush Compensation Scheme. They will continue to exist as long as the people affected remain unaware of the Windrush Compensation Scheme and fail to benefit from what few changes the government has put in place to rectify imminent issues.

The Reverend Bishop Dr Desmond Jaidoo, Chairman and co-founder of The Windrush Movement UK sends a message to Stella Creasy MP and all MP's across London, and indeed across the UK, demanding that they listen to what he wants them to know.

Daniel Hobbs, Head of the Home Office Windrush Compensation Scheme, leads the conference presentation, and explains that it was launched on 3rd April 2019 and is open to all Commonwealth Nationals who arrived pre-1973 and people who have a Right of Abode Settled Status British Citizenship Pre-1998.

Rachel Okello, Immigration solicitor, is one of the panel members and answers questions raised by an almost packed audience, and Reverend Dr Jaidoo, who travelled 140 miles from Birmingham to attend, rounds off the evening by introducing Maria Ntwatwa, who was responsible for organising this Windrush Compensation Conference and is a key London contact for anyone who needs information about the Windrush Compensation Scheme. Maria's contact details are below.

As the Conference was about to wind up, one audience member, Shannon, aged 25, born in Britain, tells her very sad, harrowing story of injustice how the events of the Windrush hostilities has affected her family for more than 37 years, including her mother, all her siblings, her new born child and nieces and nephews still in Infant and Junior school. For 25 years Shannon was denied the right to refer to herself or her newborn as British, and was denied a passport to allow her to go on holiday with friends and family, but today, at the Windrush Conference, Shannon received news that she can now officially refer to herself as British and claim compensation for the impact the hostilities have had on her life and that of her siblings, their children and her parents. Everyone applauded, knowing what it now means for her entire family, as Shannon was close to tears.


Maria Ntwatwa,, Director, Essex Personnel Recruitment (EPR)
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