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World Homeless Day Poster

      PL84U Al_Suffa World Homeless Week October 2019 in Waltham Forest

“We must all campaign to eradicate
homelessness. There shouldn’t be anyone
living in the cold or experiencing poverty”

This recording is unedited footage of interviews at the World Homeless Week event.

Thanks to Saira who coordinates PL84U AL_SUUFA, World Homeless Week 4-10 October 2019 arrived in Waltham Forest by setting up on the grounds of Leyton Jubilee Park behind Kukoolala Café, to meet the needs of people who are vulnerable / homeless.

PL84U AL_SUFFA iis a cross-community interfaith initiative, providing hot meals, companionship, food and clothes bank, pampering sessions for the elderly, homeless, and individuals in need of all faiths and beliefs.

WORLD HOMELESS WEEK was set up as a far-reaching voice for the homeless, bringing people together, and to add weight to the growing number of groups, organisations and individuals the length and breadth of the UK speaking out against the seemingly lack of commitment from the government to ensure homes as a basic need for everyone, especially the homeless, irrespective of other physical and psychology needs this particular group of people may have. World Homeless Week culminates on World Homeless Day which is the 10th October.

Despite concerns of rain, the day, Sunday 6th October greeted a very good turnout of ‘guests’ (the homeless), service providers (mostly volunteering) and sponsors with blue skies, but equally so, all the volunteers were exceptionally warm hearted and helpful. Most of the volunteers were from young people from the Streetbase team and Young Advisors team in Waltham Forest Council, the youth team SAMH otherwise known as Streets Aren’t My Home from the Waltham Forest Community Hub, and many others who made the day recognisable and enjoyable.

Two former mayors of the borough of Waltham Forest, Cllr Sally Little-John and Cllr Yemi Osho, were also in attendance, to offer and give their voluntary help. Both gave interviews stating homelessness is a public health concern, with more than 70% homeless suffering with their physical health, 10% likely to suffer from mental health issues, and 25% likely to have long-term conditions. They both agree, it’s not just about having a roof over their head, they are affected psychologically too. We must all campaign to eradicate homelessness. There shouldn’t be anyone living in the cold or experiencing poverty. We call upon the government to provide adequate housing for people who find themselves in that situation, because they are vulnerable.

Entertainment & Support from China: The day was rounded off with entertainment from a group of women performing Tia Chi movements to the sound of traditional Chinese music, followed by a presentation by a prominent business woman all the way from China who donated several large framed photographs that she had designed representing places of interest in China. The donations to be auctioned were formally received by Cllr Yemi Osho on behalf of her own charity Diabetes Action CIC and one for PL84U AL_Suffa. The Chinese language is translated.

Listen to the recording for contact details of the free services offered to the guests, as follows:

• Haircuts for men and women from barbers and hairdressers
• Mobile Dental Unit
• All East Sexual health advice, support & testing
• Contraception Services
• Substance Misuse awareness & testing by Change, Grow, Live (CGL)
• Diabetes & glucose testing
• First Aid Training
• Winter warm kits & personal health kits
• Manicures
• Head and hand massages
• Photographs for those who wanted it
• Breakfast and dinner for all
• Board games, like Chess
• Entertainment

Further contacts:
Mobile: 07539 364110
Facebook: PL84U AL_SUFFA

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