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      Interview with Sukhjit Ahluwalia of the charity Seva Street

According to Wikipedia 'Seva' is an old Sanskrit term, which originally referred to the service performed by members of the lower castes to those of the higher castes. A more recent interpretation of the word is "dedication to others", and this is the role that Sukhjit has taken on for the charity that he founded and christened 'Street Seva'. The 'Street' part of the name is a reference to where the charity does its work, which is cooking and distributing food and taking it to the homeless street people of London. Listeners will be aware that the Gurdwaras (places of worship for followers of the Sikh religion) throughout the word offer free meals to those in need and indeed to all visitors as a part of their devotional duties. Sukhjit's group has taken the tradition one step further by moving the free kitchen out into the streets to the people who need it most. Here he talks to Wayne Walton about the work and as yet brief history of the organisation.

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