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1960s Teenager

Songs 9       The Last Examination

Melody & violin: Barbara Korner; vocals: Rick Hayter
Lyrics: David Gardiner

Thatís the last examination Iíll be sitting for a while
I wish I could believe that I might go the extra mile
Sail through to University and make my father proud
But I know Iím nothing special, just a face amongst the crowd.

My father says that talent isnít handed down intact
Itís diluted and diminished when the genome is unpacked
And whatís left is never quite as good as what it might have been
If we hadnít all been saddled with ĎRegression to the Meaní.

So I never try to kid myself Iíll rise above the pack
Iím aiming at the middle, not completely at the back
I only want to struggle through, avoiding a disgrace
Enough to keep my dignity, enough to save my face

But now itís summer holidays and freedom of a kind
I can go and seek adventure, take it easy and unwind
I can try to be an adult making choices of my own
Or even find a girlfriend so I neednít be alone

Growing up is scary and I mustnít get it wrong
Itís not as if I hadnít seen it coming all along
But I wish that they had told me what itís really all about
Is there some elusive secret that I havenít yet found out?

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