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IRA Volunteers

Song 8       Circumstances

Melody, keyboard & vocals by Andrew Richardson.
Lyrics: David Gardiner

Circumstances gave me this position,
Put the steering wheel of history in my hands
The barricades are rising in this city
And the rival groups are taking up their stands.

In a little while the taunting and the shouting
Will turn to something nastier by far
Bullets will replace the broken bottles,
Just watch them as they ratchet up the bar.

Once more the IRA will spring to action,
Once more the cause of freedom to the fore
Another chance for Irish liberation,
A united land to last for ever more.

And even if we fail in our objective,
Our heroes and their exploits will be sung
And future generations will revere us,
When the bell of freedom finally is rung.

Once more the fertile soil of chaos beckons
For revolutionís seed is well prepared
The young are more than willing to come forward
I pray to god that some of them are spared
I pray to god that some of them are spared

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