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Mother & Son

Song 21       Danny and the Girl – Duet

Melody and piano by Andrew Richardson. Vocals by Hjalmar Nordén and Claire Flanagan
Lyrics: David Gardiner

DANNY     It was just a childish game that I was playing
                 An engineering problem to be solved
                 I could rise above the hatred and the slaying
                 Technicians are from any guilt absolved

DANNY     I wanted to believe like all the others
                 In the fairytale of setting Ireland free.
                 Secure within this company of brothers
                 incapable of any wrong were we.

GIRL         I know exactly what you need
                 These dismal thoughts you mustn't feed
                 From the past you must be freed
                 To the future must pay heed – and smile with me.

DANNY     I'm the killer of my lover and rejected by my friends
                 For what I've done I know that I can never make amends
                 I've listened to their council and I've taken their advice
                 And we're further now than ever from that shining Paradise

GIRL         Come on and hold me tight
                 I can be anyone you like tonight
                 If you just turn off the light
                 I'll make everything all right – that's what I do.

DANNY     I wasn't just a failure, I was rudderless and dumb
                 Keen to follow any leader to the beating of a drum
                 All I needed was some flattery, a puzzle I could solve
                 And my common sense and conscience were so easy to dissolve!

GIRL        Share a little love with me
                 And there won't be any fee
                 I'm a loner too you see
                 Let the two of us agree – some love for free.

DANNY     The dream is almost over and we haven't learned a thing
                 All the shooting and the killing, just what progress did it bring?
                 All the people that we've murdered, all the lives that we've destroyed
                 Could we not have used our reason, our humanity employed?

TOGETHER     Let us hold each other tight
                         We can be who we like tonight
                         When we just turn out the light
                         and make everything all right – you and me.
                         Me and you... tonight.

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