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Father Walsh With Cane

Song 2       Father Walsh's Song

Melody, keyboard & vocals by Andrew Richardson
Lyrics: David Gardiner

I merely try to keep a sense of order
And always do my duties as a priest
Civilised behaviour has a border
Humans have to rise above the beast

All living things are feeble and are mortal
But we live in eternity as well
We stand as moral agents at a portal
We freely choose our heaven or our hell

And all the easy choices are illusions
And everything we see will pass away
And the cleverest of scientists’ conclusions
Will not take away that burden on that day

We stand before the lord as fallen angels
The sin of Eve has marked us from our birth
We’re here to prove our worthiness to serve him
That’s why the lord has placed us on this earth

And nothing else shall matter when we meet him
But how we have fulfilled his sacred trust
How hard have we endeavoured to defeat sin
And most of all, have we avoided lust?

And in the execution of this duty
Fulfilling every detail of this trust
Pursuing all this goodness truth and beauty
If someone must get hurt – then so they must
If someone must get hurt then so they must.

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