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Mother & Son

Song 18       Mother and Son Duet

Melody and piano by Andrew Richardson. Vocals by Hjalmar Nordťn and Dieselle May
Lyrics: David Gardiner

MRS G     No one ever told me there was any other way
                 You find your one and only and you mustnít ever stray
                 You find the man or woman who will mean the world to you
                 And if ever you are tempted, well you know what you must do
                 Yes, pretend it isnít happening, pretend it isnít true

DANNY     And if your heart should flutter at the sight of someoneís smile
                 Youíre a monster and a villain that itís proper to revile
                 They tell you what to wish for and the way you ought to feel
                 Fidelity, monogamy, the matrimonial seal
                 And all of your affection is included in the deal

MRS G     Surrender to temptation and youíll pay a heavy price
                 To act as nature tells you is abominable vice
                 Your passion is a lion that you have to hold in check
                 Put shackles on its legs and put a chain around its neck
                 And if you kiss another it must only be a peck

DANNY     But if youíre overflowing with a love you want to share
                 Does it matter, is it evil, should your partner even care?
                 To deny our human nature, such a heavy price to pay
                 To fit in with othersí notions of the one and only way
                 When everything within you says: Be happy! Love is play!

MRS G     No one ever told me, but my teacher was my life
                 And I wish Iíd learned it sooner, Iíd have been a better wife
                 Iíd have been a better mother, better lover, better friend
                 Iíd have learned be accepting of whatever fate might send
                 I would not have needed alcohol reality to mend.

DANNY     Are you hurting anybody, will you look back on each day
                 And regret the love you shared with those you met along the way?
                 Or as your life is ending will you smile and will you say:
                 When I look back at how I lived and the alternatives I weigh
                 I wouldnít change a bit of it convention to obey

TOGETHER     No I wouldnít change a bit of it, thatís all Iíve got to say.
                         I wouldnít change a bit of it, thatís all Iíve got to say.

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