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Dead Baby

Song 13       The Orange Maid of Sligo

This recording by 'Houl Yer Whisht' on Outlet Records

Ben Bulben's wild and lofty height
Where evening setting sun was bright
Bestowed a flood of golden light
Across the Bay of Sligo

A bonny barque with glancing oar
And swelling sail was seen before
The waves that pound that lofty shore
Around the Bay of Sligo

And at the prow there sat a girl
With rosy lips and flaxen curl
And simple beauty like a pearl
The Orange maid of Sligo

And glancing o'er the vessel's side
She saw upon the waters glide
An orange lily, her golden pride
Upon the Bay of Sligo

Make haste, make haste, oh save that flower
I prize it more than rose or bower
No traitor must take it within his power
Around the Bay of Sligo

An Orange youth dived oer the prow,
Brought back that flower and with a bow
Bestowed it on the gentle brow
Of the orange maid of Sligo

And soon she was his bonny bride
And oft they spoke at even tide
About that lily's golden pride
Around the Bay of Sligo

Come all true blues and fill your glass
A brighter toast will never pass
We'll drink unto that bonny lass
The Orange Maid of Sligo

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