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Dead Baby

Song 13       Living For Two

Melody, guitar & vocals by Becky Simpson
Lyrics: David Gardiner
Motherís home from hospital and hasnít said a word
And all of them are whispering but still I overheard
How will they ever tell me and just how will I react?
Iím not old enough to understand a very simple fact

That death can come to anyone on any night or day
That nothing is forever and we all must pass away
That some will have a century and some will have an hour
And to right this great injustice is beyond our human power

Iíll never know you, sister, and Iíll never hear you cry
Iíll never take you walking and youíll never ask me why
Weíll never share a secret or a pleasure or a pain
Or go playing when itís sunny or sit in and watch the rain

And I wonít be a big sister or an auntie or a friend
For a little sis to turn to when some love affair will end
And we wonít grow old together and weíll never have a fight
About how to bring up children or which politicianís right

And for ever more Iíll wonder what you might have been to me
The adventures that we might have had that never now can be
But I always will be grateful for what I have learned from you,
How to treasure every moment, try to live enough for two.

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