Songs from Engineering Paradise the Musical
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Song 1       Overture

Melody, keyboard & vocals by Andrew Richardson
Lyrics: David Gardiner

We dream of Edenís verdant fields
The present to the future yields
Our history hasnít yet begun
Thereís so much of our race to run

The old shall usher in the new
And we, the noble, eager few
Our privilege to pay the price
Of engineering paradise

It hovers slightly out of sight
We must not doubt that we are right
There canít be any compromise
Weíll kill or die or trade in lies

The innocent are merely means
They decorate our battle scenes
Your principles you put on ice
While engineering paradise

Do what it takes to seize the day
And God will look the other way
Be ruthless for our cause is right
And nothing comes before this fight

A boil needs cutting Ė use the lance!
The time has come to take your chance
The Devilís here to roll the dice
For engineering paradise

This isnít work for feeble will
You cannot hesitate to kill
The way ahead is clear to see
And when weíve won theyíll all agree

There wasnít any other way
The priests, the Church, the world will say
How right we were to pay the price
For engineering paradise

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