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"One_Walthamstow" Group Organises a Referendum on Removing the Town's LTNs

Congestion caused by LTN initiative in Markhouse Avenue

      Referendum to get rid of Walthamstow's LTNs

(Running time: 17 minutes 34 seconds)

What is the Mini-Hollands programme?
It began in 2014 with a load of hype:

The Mini-Hollands programme is part of the Mayor's Healthy Streets approach. Substantial investment around 100 million is helping three outer London boroughs transform into cycling hubs, equipped with high specification Dutch-style infrastructure. Changes include redesigned junctions that are safer for cyclists and pedestrians, segregated cycle lanes on busy roads and reductions in the amount of traffic using residential streets.

This investment aims to make these boroughs as cycle-friendly as their Dutch equivalents where more than half of all journeys are made by bike in some cities so that more Londoners can choose to cycle. All road users will benefit from improvements to streets and better facilities for pedestrians.

Mini-Hollands will encourage more people to cycle more safely and more often, while providing better streets and outdoor spaces for everyone. The programme will specifically target people who make short car journeys in outer London which could be cycled easily instead.

From the council's website

Six years later how does the reality compare to the designers' aspirations? A spokesperson for One Walthamstow as well as describing the effects of the scheme tells us of the council's suppression of dissent and falsification of the results of so-called "consultations" in order to retain the scheme in the face of all protest, as well as the millions of pounds extorted from motorists every year in Penalty Charge Notice fees harvested by various kinds of entrapment.

Listen to the account above to learn what life is really like behind the roadblocks.

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Desperation parking
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Desperation parking
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Total Blockage
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Total Blockage
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Paralysed buses

Useful Links

One_Walthamstow on Twitter:

Email address of One_Walthamstow:

Print off paper forms to collect signatures: Petition Forms

Print off A5 size leaflets to put through letterboxes or distribute at events: Leaflets

Total income received from motorists via LTN cameras: Revenue Generated

Revenue from LTN camera in Orford Road: Orford Road Camera

Sign the petition online:

Make sure that you also read the recent update, following WF council's attempt to disqualify the petition on a technicality.

Comments on safety requirements from the London Ambulance Service: Correspondence

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