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      Programme 13

Visit My Mosque Day. A personal guided tour of the Mansfield Road Mosque recorded by Wayne Walton.

The Archipelago Project. A series of interviews by David with a group of artists and a film crew engaged in a project to record their reactions to some of the islands in the Walthamstow Wetlands.

We have a piece of writing which amounts to a complete life story from a lady named Pauline Lees who lives in sheltered accommodation in Leytonstone. This is read by Adele Tinman.

There is an interview recorded at The Mill in which a young psychologist named Nancy asks for volunteers to take part in her research project.

There is an appeal from me for help from schools to set up interviews with young people regarding the recent protests of school-students about climate change caused by human activities.

We have a short item in which we interview a local African drummer who is a member of the African Drumming and educational group called Mbilla Arts.

As well as all this we've got what I think are some beautiful songs (well, I chose them), from Gillian Welch, Liam Clancy, Catherine Paver, Lily Brooke, the Corrie Folk Trio with Paddie Bell, and Kate Wolf.

Two late items now added are:

Andrea's roundup of coming events in Waltham Forest for the next four weeks, and

An interview recorded by Wayne with young Mbilla Arts and others in the Walthamstow Mall regarding the recent wave of knife-crime in the borough. This is a "not to be missed" item.

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