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      Programme 12

Programme 12 includes a report on the new(ish) Social Market that takes place alongside the Farmers' Market every Sunday on Walthamstow's High Street.

Adele's usual roundup of coming events in Waltham Forest leads on to a discussion about the proposed closure of Harmony Hall, the local small theatre and community centre at 10 Truro Road near the centre of Walthamstow, and about the proposals to build a new high rise hotel at the junction of Hoe Street and St. Mary’s Road.

Gudrun reads a piece that she has written about the recent schoolchildren's protest against the world's reluctance to act to halt climate change, and what governments and individuals can do to tackle the issue.

We also have an item created by three students from the Big Creative Academy on Clifton Avenue near Blackhorse Road who were quite unexpectedly sent for a 'work experience' week with Forest Radio. Their interviews with their tutors provide very helpful information and advice for young people considering a career in the music business.

To wind up the programme we have an interview with the owner of a small convenience store on Palmerston Road about the lack of support that he and his neighbours are receiving from Waltham Forest Council.

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