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      Programme 10

Our final programme of 2018 begins with an extended item to mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day in World War One. We have examined the First World War from the point of view of its effect on Waltham Forest and its people the bombing of local streets from the air by the German Zeppelins, recordings of the voices of local people who lived through World War One or served in it (courtesy of the Waltham Forest Oral History Project and Vestry House Museum) and an account of the bravery of Jack Cornwell, Waltham Forest's 16-year-old World War One VC.

Our second item is an interview with Florence Johnson of Diabetes UK, Waltham Forest, concerning the disease itself and the work of her organisation in preventing its development and improving the lives of sufferers.

We then have a poem from Gudrun, The God of Growth and two new songs plus an interview from Marilyn Green.

Not to be taken too seriously perhaps is the performance of Why Must I Be a Senior In Love? by The Manorettes, Adel's pub singing group.

There follows our regular roundup of coming events which focuses on Christmas events organised by Waltham Forest Council and a creative writing initiative from a group called Spread the Word.

We then move on to our interview with singer and folk musician Sian Allen who is often to be heard as a floor singer at the Waltham Forest Folk Club on Sunday evenings in the Rose and Crown, Hoe Street. She tells us a bit about her life and performs two songs live in our Elmsdale Road studio.

We end with spoof 'church service' led by Les Barker and say our goodbyes.

The music in Programme 10 is as follows: Teddy Bears Picnic by Henry Hall & His Orchestra (1932), When this Lousy War is Over from Catherine Paver, a tribute to World War One veteran Harry Patch from Heathcote Williams, The Green Fields of France from Liam Clancy, I Love to Boogie by T Rex, the poem Mummy by Barrett Strong, Why Must I be a Senior in Love? from The Manorettes, Danny and the Girl from Engineering Paradise the Musical sung by Claire Flanagan and Hjalmar Norden with Andrew Richardson at the piano, Turn Around from Phats and Small, As (also known as I'll be Loving you Always) by Stevie Wonder, and we'll be playing ourselves out with The 7 O'clock News from Simon & Garfunkel.

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