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Jean Duggleby talks to David Gardiner about the launch of Personal Bests Journal

David Gardiner of Forest Radio talks about his new project Personal Bests Journal, a short story journal containing individual writers' personal choices of their very best short story, whether previously published or not and (within reason) regardless of length. All sales revenue from the publication will be divided equally between each person with a story in the book, making it possibly the world's first "Fair Trade" short story anthology.

The book was edited and completed a lot faster than planned thanks to an enormous response from writers and consequent pressure to get the first edition published. It went live on Amazon a few days ago, although at time of writing reviews are still coming in and there are still some spaces waiting to be filled on the back cover. By the end of August the version on Amazon should be the final one.

Here is the link to the book's UK Amazon page for anyone who might like to buy a copy: Personal Bests Journal Issue 1 on Amazon

Here is a link to a bigger version of the cover image that was shown briefly in the video: PDF of Cover Image

Running time: 6 minutes 33 sec.

If your browser is unable to play this video you can download it in MP4 format from this link:

Launch of Personal Bests Journal

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