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The Poetry and Songs of Other Theresa

Our second interview with local poet, writer, singer and yoga teacher Other Theresa starts with an a capella rendition of Bob Dylan's 'Blowin' in the Wind' and features a few of her own songs including 'A Spoonful of Cillit' in consideration of Trump's version of "Alternative Medicine".

She recites poems dealing with war, peace, women's health and wellbeing; attitudes to refugees, the attractions of Walthamstow and its changing streets, and many other things not forgetting the index of the A-Z Atlas of Great Britain!

She also talks about her multi-faceted life and her work as a teacher. Other Theresa also describes her upbringing in the Bruderhof Community, a Christian commune in Robertsbridge, East Sussex, where conversations with her Conscientious Objector grandfather convinced her that wars are not the right way to settle disagreements.

Other Theresa is currently running a series of online creative writing workshops ('2020 Hindsight", as part of The Mill Community Centre's 'Grow your Idea' initiative, supported by Waltham Forest Council). Although sessions are now fully booked, she plans to offer more of these in future.

We think you'll find this meeting with Other Theresa both highly entertaining and educational in the widest possible sense.

Apologies for the "noises off" from our neighbour who's a drummer.


Mother, Daughter, Sister, Spoken Word Artist, Poet, Singer and Teacher. Other Theresa* is NOT to be confused with Theresa May; a deceased Albanian Nun; Theresa Green/Brown or Bare and she is NOT 'The' Other Theresa.







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