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My Home Town a documentary

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MP4 Format: My Home Town

Produced by
Adele Tinman
Sarah Vincent
Ray Yates
Carol Gyasi

© Walthamstow Community Video Workshop 2019

The Making of the Film

I belong to a local video film group. We meet in Walthamstow every two or three weeks and have made films about the local area; our last film project in 2017 was about Mini Holland and how it has affected local residents, local shops and people who live in Walthamstow village.

The film group met again in 2019, deciding to focus on people of the older generation who had known the area for most of their lives. Sophie is one such person; she shares her memories of the war years and being evacuated to Cornwall. Sophie's first job in the Gestetner Company, Tottenham. For part of the film we walked around the High Street and market, which prompted Sophie to remember her early years in Walthamstow - Manze's Pie and Mash, the market where she shopped, the Palace Variety Theatre and Walthamstow Town Hall Assembly Room, where she danced to big bands. There are memories of life in a second floor flat in Hoxton which, when Sophie lived there as a newly-wed, was certainly not the trendy, expensive area it is today.

She eventually returned to Walthamstow where she has lived ever since and fortunately has two of her now grown up children close at hand. The film was shown as part of the Walthamstow Film Festival in 2019.

Adele Tinman

Music used

"Topsy" ~ The Ted Heath Band
"Fings Ain't What They Used to Be" ~ Max Bygraves
"Once a Star of Music Hall" ~ Max Bygraves

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