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Management Crisis at High-Achieving School

King Solomon School Ilford
King Solomon School Ilford
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Regretably various sections of the teaching prosession have often been driven to militancy and strike action when their employers, usually either the local council or the Department of Eduction, have been unwilling to negotiate, but it is unusual for a dispute to get to this point for the teachers working within a single institution. This is what has happened in King Solomon School Ilford, previously highly regarded as a centre of excellence, but as Michelle Rosenberg reported in the March 14, 2024 edition of the Jewish News Online something has been going seriously wrong in the last few years and negotiations have reached a deadlock, with the head teacher Michele Phillips and the teaching staff, represented by the NEU (The National Education Union) effectivily blaming each other.

Here is the complete text of Ms Rosenberg's article.

In reply The NEU issued the following Press Release

A parents' meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow evening to which interested members of the public are invited. The necessary webinar ID code and Passcode are included on the brochure.

Our sincere thanks to Bob Archer for bringing this dispute to or attention and providing such a balanced and thoughtful introduction in the Skype video (above). We apologise for the short notice of this meting as we had only yesterday evening to put this page together.

Picket line outside the school
this morning Wednesday 20th

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