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Apache Indian at the Leyton Mela, 2019

      Full report on the Leyton Mela, 2019

The Mela is a traditional festival of South Asian culture showcasing both traditional and current bands, singers, dancers and poets, where visitors of all kinds are made thoroughly welcome. Street theatre and children's events as well as fashion shows and stalls selling food and clothing or offering traditional or modern beauty treatments are always part of the celebration. Lots of melas take place in August, but the Leyton festival is one of the city's biggest. Wayne interviewed Sba Shaikh, the Creative Producer of the Mela and visited the event to record some of the performances and interview more of the people involved.

This is a three-hour item but you don't have to listen to all of it at once. See the instructions at the top of the list on the Programmes page for details of how to quit and return later to where you left off.

The link music is Faithless Love by Bollywood actress and multi-genre singer/songwriter Najma Akhtar who was one of the performers.

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