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Crimewatch footage of armed robbery

On Monday 11th January at around 2.30 pm in Walthamstow six knife-wielding scum rushed into a house where five young girls were living and committed armed robbery and assault on the children, one of whom was only 9 years old.

The first man knocked on the door pretending to be a delivery man. One of the girls went inside to find her sister, whereupon the man drew a knife and terrorised the younger girls. Immediately afterwards five more knife-wielding robbers rushed in and commenced to tear the house apart, hitting two of the girls and dragging the nine-year-old around by the arm.

They were in the house for about 30 minutes and all of the girls were seriously traumatised. They took all five girls' phones and iPads, 6 watches, money and jewellery as well as one girl's Louis Vuitton handbag. They even took passports.

A policeman said that this was one of the worst robberies he had attended, considering how the girls had been traumatised. The younger girls are to be risk-assessed under the Metropolitan Police's Merlin child protection initiative, and all of the girls' schools have to be contacted because they have witnessed a violent crime.

The girl's father has said that Alhamdulillah (Thanks be to God) the girls have just been shaken up and will be all right.

Security cameras in the house got a good view of one of the attackers because his mask was lowered, and the above clip also contains a voice that may be identifiable, although we don't know who it belongs to, whether one of the perpetrators or someone else. Be warned, this bursts in suddenly with foul language at the end of the video sequence.

Here is a digitally enhanced still of the perpetrator with the lowered mask:

Masked Attacker

If you have any information please contact the police on: 101. The Crime Number is: 4900606/21.

Forest Radio sends its sincere sympathy to the victims of this despicable crime and wishes the family a safe and healthy New Year.

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