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Kelmscott School

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      Sam Jones, Headteacher at Kelmscott School

Sam Jones is the new Headteacher at Kelmscott School on Markhouse Road, Walthamstow E17. He already has a new yearly motto for his first year, which is: 'WORK HARD BE KIND, and is already living up to this motto himself by working hard throughout the summer and being kind to his family by recruiting them as volunteers to help re-plant the neglected school gardens, re-paint his office and take on other odd jobs besides to improve the school environment in preparation for the new school term that begins on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th September 2019. The main school motto is 'Putting Learning First'.

Sam is no stranger to Kelmscott as he previously served at the school as deputy headteacher. But like his predecessor, he has particularly high expectations for his students in 2019. In August student deputy head girl Jessica Tunse scored one of the highest marks in the country with 10 GCSE subjects all scoring the top grade 9 result; but there are other impressive students too. Parents also have a big stake creating excellence at Kelmscott and Sam has plans to ensure they are fully engaged and informed.

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