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Comedian ISMO explains the subtlies of ass references in American English

Ismo Mikael Leikola, known professionally as ISMO, is a Finnish stand-up comedian, musician, author, screenwriter, and YouTuber. Leikola made his United States debut in 2014, when he was awarded the title of "The Funniest Person in the World" in a contest organized by the comedy club Laugh Factory.

Here he explains the subtleties of the meaning of "ass" when coupled with various other words to a Standard English speaking audience (i.e. proper English like what you and me speak.) His patience with the inadequacies and unoriginal lexicon of the average American-English-speaker borders on sainthood.

What a treasury of insights and clarity for anyone not born into the language of Shakespeare, Milton, Keats, Sir Laurence Olivier, the late linguistic genius Professor Stanley Unwin, and probably God.

If you need to clarify your thinking on this topic any further Ismo's ass YouTube channel is here: ISMO

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