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      Human Library Project

The following is lifted from the website of the Waltham Forest Human Library Project which you can find HERE

The Human Library is made of people not books

Each Human Library event was held in one of the Waltham Forest libraries where visitors were invited to select a “book” from the book list and get lost in conversation and stories about the borough’s past, present and future. The “book” list was made up of local residents with a story to tell. The stories showcased the breadth and depth of the life experiences of the people of the Waltham Forest community. There are many stories to tell and many connections waiting to be made.

These are the recordings David made at his first visit to the Human Library Project at the Walthamstow Central Library on 19th of May.

He first met the organiser, Bisi Oyekanmi, who explained the idea behind the project in a little more detail. After that he became a 'reader' and talked to two of the 'books'. These (very open and intimate) interviews as well as being reproduced here are also included in Programme 13.

There were only six sessions in the series and Forest Radio managed to cover two of them (see also Return to the Human Library) but we very much hope that Bisi Oyekanmi and Waltham Forest Library Service will find a way to make it a regular event.

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