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Artist's impression of the completed Whipps Cross Hospital project
Spot the hospital: Artist's impression of completed Whipps Cross Hospital project

Radio 4 news magazine Broadcasting House on the housing crisis for the lower paid

Running time: 5 minutes 27 seconds                 Broadcast: 21st May 2023

At Chigwell in Essex, close to the site of the new Whipps Cross Hospital and the housing estate planned to cover most of its former footprint, the BBC's Anita Anand spoke to Tom Fyans, the Campaign Director at Essex CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England), and also to Lester Schiffman, a long-time estate agent in the area, who together gave her a very candid and forthright account of what has been happening in the housing world. They explained that this is a housing crisis only for the low paid; for the well-heeled it's an investment opportunity. Further shocking evidence that most of Britain's population is effectively held to ransom by the owners and controllers of the housing industry, and the real policy of all in that sector, including the Labour-controlled councils, is to clear the poor out of the cities and grow richer themselves on the opportunities their position provides for financial speculation.

Don't believe the lies that the policy of cramming ever higher and more densely-packed human warehouses onto every square foot of open space within all major cities is designed to address the need for decent and affordable housing for all, it's a scam to ensure that more or less everybody works to swell the coffers of the property speculators, both private and corporate.

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