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Holiday in New Zealand and Singapore 2024

A few notes about this video.

This is very much a "home movie" so don't expect too much. It was patched together from the video clips and still photographs we had on our "Smarphone" when we got back. We had not planned to make a film, so it's a very random collection, jumping from "landscape" format to "portrait" format and back again repeatedly. Also we were still very much learning how to use the phone for photography when we were in New Zealand but had become a bit more competent by the time we got to Singapore, so Singapore is better represented in the final edit.

It was really just a bit of fun, a complete afterthought to the holiday itself, but we think it gives a flavour of both countries. Please excuse all imperfections.

For best results you should view it in full screen mode.

To download the film use this link: Holiday_in_New_Zealand_&_Singapore_2024

312 MB      Running time: 25 minutes 43 seconds

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