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Alfred Hitchcock in East London

We're taking a little bit of a chance with this one. After repeated attempts over the course of more than two years to contact anybody from the McGuffin Society or anybody who worked on the film for permission to put it on our site we have decided to go ahead and do it, and if anybody with the authority to do so objects, take it down again. It's a wonderful documentary about a local boy what done good. Enjoy!

The documentary film Alfred Hitchcock in East London, Directed by Bill Hodgson

Co-Producers: Bill Hodgson, John Pridige

Written by Bill Hodgson

Narrated by Sarah O'Connor

Contributors: Roy Ward Baker, Murray Melvin, Charles Barr, Barry Bliss, Nathalie Morris, Alex Werner and Brian Grover

Editor: Chris Scurfield

Camera and Electrical: Charlie Pegg

Sound: Brian O'Shaughnessy

Sleeve Notes

Alfred Hitchcock in East London explores the legendary director's mysterious early years and uncovers many lesser known facts about his formative days.

Retracing Hitchcock's footsteps around Leytonstone, Limehouse, Stratford and Hackney, the film reveals how his early London life profoundly influenced his later work. The documentary also examines Hitchcock's associations with the long forgotten Walthamstow film industry and tells the previously untold story of his support for an East London cinema during the height of his Hollywood fame.

The film identifies the key sites from the director's youth which still exist today and features contributions from Roy Ward Baker (assistant director, The Lady Vanishes, Charles Barr (author of the seminal English Hitchcock), actor Murray Melvin and many others.

Produced to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Britain's first talking picture Blackmail, Alfred Hitchcock in East London paints a portrait of Hitchcock and his roots which is radically different from previous studies.

RUNNING TIME: 65 minutes approx.

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MP4 Format: Alfred Hitchcock in East London

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