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      Interview with Emma of Beatroots

The current project of the Beatroots organisation in Waltham Forest is Grime Waltham Forest, which celebrates the borough’s contribution to the creation and development of grime music. Beatroots is a social enterprise that delivers high-quality musical programmes in partnership with the community. It focuses on working in areas with limited performance and audience engagement opportunities.

Last November the group ran a series of events across the borough to shine a light on the artists, producers and promoters who helped to create the grime genre back in the early noughties. These included gigs, film screenings, panel discussions and talks plus lyric writing and beat-making workshops.

We interviewed Emma, the Director of the project, who told us about the role the music plays in the lives of its fans and creators and the enormous contribution that Waltham Forest musicians, promoters, theatre directors and others have made to the genre and its world-wide success.

Emma also provided us with the following far from exhaustive list of genre legends and up-and-coming artists which might constitute a starting point for anyone who wanted to take a first look at Grime music.

Note: Emma has asked us to point out that she made a slight slip of the tongue regarding the average tempo of Grime music. It should be 140 bpm (beats per minute) rather than 150.

Grime Legends

Chad 'Ratty' Stennett (Lord Of The Mics)
D Power (Deja Vu Pirate Radio)
Coelle (Lady Fury)
Mizz Beats

Up and Coming

Sharna Cane
Rory Sky

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