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Local sci fi author James Flanagan discusses "Genefire"
Running time 1 hour 10 minutes 45 seconds

Adele, Jean and David talk to James Flanagan, author of Genefire

Dr. James M. Flanagan, Reader in Epigenetics in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Surgery & Cancer, Imperial College London, is also a writer of science fiction and stories in other genres and was kind enough to visit us at the Elmsdale Road house to talk about his new novel Genefire published by Amazon UK on 2nd Aug. 2023 at 9.99.

We had a very enjoyable and stimulating conversation and learned a lot about genetics, theories regarding time travel and the academic world now and in the near-future setting of the novel.

Although the author makes some concessions to the non-specialist reader, the book is not without challenges, but counterbalanced by an involving plot and well-rounded and appealing characters. Fundamentally though this is a book for people who love speculation about how reality is put together. He does not speak down to his audience. If this is the kind of thing that appeals to you you are in for an enormous treat. If your curiosity ends with wondering who is going to win Strictly it probably isn't for you.

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You can purchase Genefire in good time for Christmas from Amazon. It's also available on line or to order from Foyles, Waterstones and other outlets and on Kindle.

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