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Forest Radio Campaign for Safer Buses

      Forest Radio Campaign to Make London Buses More Child & Carer Friendly

The purpose of this item is to launch the Forest Radio Campaign for a more parent and child friendly London bus service where people getting on by the centre doors on buses, as those with push chairs and baby buggies often have to, can do so without causing inconvenience to themselves or others or having to temporarily leave children and possessions unattended while they make their way to the front of the bus to swipe their Oyster Cards. The problem and its very simple practical solution is explained in more detail in this interview with Transport for London 'Community Ambassador' Kerry who was talking to visitors at Stratford Library.

The website address that Kerry gives out is: where you'll find a number of options depending on the issue you want to talk about, and the phone number for the Customer Contact Centre Help Line is: 0343 222 1234.

Forest Radio has launched a petition which you can sign here asking for Contactless card readers in the push-chair zone on all buses.

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