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Farmers' Market Walthamstow

      Stall-holders at Walthamstow's Farmers' Market

Walthamstow Farmers' Market was first established in 2007, bringing something slightly different to the weekly and Saturday markets. Some people might describe that difference as a uniquely organic, farm fresh and relaxing atmosphere. Whatever the difference, the Farmers' Market tends to draw a very friendly crowd of shoppers who not only enjoy the relaxed atmosphere but create it, by hanging around, being in no rush, whilst talking with other customers and of course spending their money with the traders who have travelled from far and wide to set up their stalls in time for the 10am start. The Farmers' market closes at 2pm.

Wayne arrived at the Walthamstow Farmers' Market as the traders were setting up before 10am to get a sense of the atmosphere. He soon found two things that were certain whilst the traders were setting up. Firstly, traders are highly focused and have little or no time to sit or talk to anyone, and secondly nothing is or can be sold before 10am. Itís a spectacle to behold, as if all the traders are in a personal race against themselves to be ready for 10am; and they are. But once the traders are organised, everything in its place and ready, there is a very clean and clear look to the market. Traders heads and chins are lifted, with an eager look for the first of the their customers. Customers could be in no doubt the traders are ready at that time to do business with them.

It was at the point of readiness that Wayne was permitted to talk and interview a few of the traders, find out who they were and what they had on offer. Some of the traders who were happy to discuss their product or service preferred not to speak into a recorder, but you can hear what several of them had to say.

Of course the farmers' market is a place to experience, along with its farm fresh smells, varied noises from chats and laughter and the visual sense of something different to other days of the week.

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