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Hibo's Story

In this 20 min. 47 sec. film Hibo Wardere tells the story of her own experience of female genital mutilation at the age of 6. Be aware that it contains a graphic description of this very brutal and violent assault.

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      Hibo Wardere talks to Forest Radio

We were privileged to have as a visitor to our studio Hibo Wardere, prominent local activist against Female Genital Mutilation, who when she was 'cut' at the age of 6 in her native Somalia became one of more than 200 million women and girls worldwide who have undergone this brutal and violent form of assault and disfigurement.

In the film above, and in our recorded conversation, Hibo describes the days leading up to being 'cut' - the celebration and joy - and the days after - the pain, anger, and betrayal. ‘It was being butchered by the people you love the most that was the most hurtful thing.’

Now one of Britain’s most prominent campaigners against FGM, Hibo is working with Safe Hands for Mothers to raise awareness about FGM and to protect the thousands of girls at risk of being 'cut' in the UK today.

Hibo is the author of the the best selling 'Cut: FGM in Britain Today' which has been translated into many languages and is soon to become a stage play and a feature film. She tours the United Kingdom speaking to audiences of vulnerable women and girls, making them aware of their reproductive and human rights, boosting their confidence and giving them practical information and advice about how to look after themselves and stay safe.

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