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Concrete Soldiers UK – Full HD Version, Director: Nikita Woolfe, 2019

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MP4 Format: "Concrete Soldiers UK"

Nikita immersed herself in the world of housing activism for 3 years to get a clear view of what is happening in the grassroot housing campaigns. And she was impressed. This film shows the direct passion and dedication of people who believes in fighting the cause and the successes already won. This film uncovers the real truth behind the Grenfell Tower disaster, which could happen again if nothing changes.

Filmed over 3 years, it goes to the heart of the housing crisis in the UK, explains who are at fault and what can be done to put it right. We know of no finer or more gripping introduction to this entire topic

People in order of appearance

Simon Elmer
Geraldine Dening
Martin Wheatley
Kate Macintosh
Linda Lee
Deirdre Shaw
Kate Nutt
Clifford Grant
Nicola Curtis
Jerry Flynn
Beverly Robinson
Rastko Novakovic
Chris Jacobs
Victoria Briden
Colin Wiles
Jamie Burton
Andy Worthington

Director/Producer: Nikita Woolfe

Executive Producers: Mike and Nikita Woolfe

Sound: Luc Beloix, Jonnie Dean, Nikita Woolfe

Main Camera: Nikita Woolfe

Additional Cameras: Luc Beloix, Jonnie-Dean Peace,
Chester Yang, Dan Davies - Banyak Films, Caterina Sartori

Production Manager: Gill Hewlett-Case

Editor: Nikita Woolfe

Grader: Luc Beloix

Music Composer: Rafal Arciszewski - Engine Heart Prods

Sound Design: Andrej Bako

Researcher: Jacob Hewlett-Case

Additional Support: Benjamin Ross


"Untitled PVC Quena_JA rearrange" by naotko
"The Stars Look Different" (Ziggy Stardust Mix) by spinningmerkaba
"Mattioli Prelude" by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
"Interstellar Noodle" by Doxent Zsigmond
"Supernatural" by Geert Veneklaas
"Flower" by Doxent Zsigmond
"Paper Planes - Durden ft. Airtone" by DURDEN
"Hot Core" by Geert Veneklaas
"Reverie (small theme)" by _ghost

2016 - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0)
“Moved On” by Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith
"Little Shivers" by Pete Marett and Lee Groves

Thanks to:
Mike and Saphire Woolfe for your endless support...
Kira Richards Hansen
WoolfeVision crew
Banyak Films
Fred Milson
Adrian Glasspool
and Ran Holst

Nonprofits & Activism

Little Shivers - Killer Tracks

Lee Groves, Peter Marett
ATMOS212_Evil Innocence

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