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Ye Olde Rose & Crown, Walthamstow

Ye Olde Rose & Crown, Walthamstow

On Sunsday 17th December evening the Waltham Forest Folk Club held a party in the function room of "Ye Olde Rose & Crown" public house on Hoe Street, Walthamstow. The special guest was socialist magician, ventriloquist and comedian Ian Saville. We recorded a selection of items from the "singaround" at which all visitors were invited to contribute a song or a poem. Ian's contribution, although brilliant, was strongly visual so there would be little point in a sound-only recording.

Each item below is a self-contained sound recording. Be sure to stop one, or allow it to finish, before you press "play" on another or you will get a confused jumble of sounds.

We begin with three Christmassy songs chosen to set the mood. Two poems from Roger Huddle are included, and we end with the "complete company" singing Pete Seeger's 1955 anti-war song "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"

Walthamstow Folk Club website

Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub

Ian Saville on YouTube

Christmas Song No. 1

Christmas Song No. 2

Christmas Song No. 3

Love Underground Roger Huddle

Here Lies Boris Johnson

Waiting for Bob Dylan - Roger Huddle

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

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