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Courtney Barrett talks about the Knife Amnesty Bins

      Binning Knives Saves Lives

Wayne interviews Courtney Barrett, the founder of the charity Binning Knives Saves Lives which at present provides amnesty bins for knives at Underground stations around Waltham Forest, but is soon to extend this to other areas of the city. Here is the present schedule for knife surrender:

Every fortnight from 2pm til 6pm ALL TUBE STATIONS: June 29th @ Blackhorse Road
July 6th @ Chingford Mount (Special Event)
July 13th @ Leytonstone
July 27th @ Leyton

Courtney explains the extent of the problem, how it destroys the lives even of people not directly involved and what he believes is needed to get the madness under control. A very sober piece of reporting that may change the way you view knife crime in London.

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