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Anthony Noun
Anthony Noun

      Interview with Anthony Noun

Anthony Noun is a co-founder of Bręgen, a firm of communications & marketing consultants and coaches, and is presently employed by the Waltham Forest Council to conduct what is described as a Community Asset Review. He wants to engage with as many community groups and organisations across the borough as possible to find out what services and activities are provided locally across the borough and what gaps exist. He would like to understand how people currently run community groups, Forest Radio being one, what has worked, what has been less successful and what challenges the group faces, now and in the future. He is keen to talk to groups about what would make a sustainable future model for community hubs in the borough and anything else that they would like to share with him.

If you are involved with a voluntary group of any kind in the borough and would like to have your views taken into account you can contact Anthony and his team through the website or by phone on 07940059596 and arrange a meeting.


                    The two pieces of music used in this item were selected by Anthony and were as follows:

                    Tweet ~ Boogie 2nite

                    Simon & Garfunkel ~ Bridge Over Troubled Water

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