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Andrea Dee
Andrea Dee

Forest Radio talks to Andrea Dee

Singer/songwriter Andrea Dee moved into a flat just down the road from our base at 55 Elmsdale Road about two months ago, and we were delighted to interview her in the Elmsdale Road garden yesterday, 24th August 2021. An accomplished performer with an international following, she was born and raised in Paris, her histoire d’amour with music beginning in Le Coin Des Artistes, Montmartre. Aged 18, Andrea spread her wings, enjoying her first stage experiences as a third-generation showgirl in Las Vegas where her mother and grandparents had also been professional dancers.

Next the bright lights of New York captured her imagination. Composing her own music and refining her elegant yet sultry voice, Andrea began establishing herself in the big city. Throughout the eclectic Lower East Side, Andrea played venues including Rockwood Music Hall and Bowery Ballroom. A tour across the USA, Europe, and Asia soon followed, with Andrea exhibiting her dazzling and magnetic personality to fans across the globe. Andrea Dee has since been compared to Portishead, Amy Lee (Evanescence), and most recently, Christine and the Queens.

Now our neighbour, living with her fiancé in Walthamstow, Andrea is about to release her debut album, Truth and Dare. The album, against an electro beat, takes us on a sometimes contemplative. sometimes frenetic musical journey through her life, her developing self-acceptance and fierce independence. The album provides a showcase for her proclivity towards glamour while accepting also her personal vulnerability. The album becomes increasingly intimate track by track, with Andrea’s mask progressively lifting to reveal more of her journey of self-reflection. It concludes with “Take Me As I Am”, a provocative assertion that dares you to confront her truth.

Andrea speaks very openly of every aspect of her life in this interview, as she does in her weekly Vlog which you can find on her website at: The site also contains a lot more about her and you can sign up for her newsletter or contact her from there if you want to. She is posting each new album track video as it is completed on her YouTube Play List. You will find a comprehensive gateway to all of her social media channels and regular live streams at

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