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Aimée King and Orla Bradfield talk about the illustrated poetry collection "The Empath"

Waltham Forest poet Amiée King and her close friend Orla Bradfield visited the garden of the Elmsdale Road house to chat about Aimée's recently published poetry collection The Empath. The book is available from all the usual online stores, Amazon, the Book Depository, Waterstones and the rest, as well as the radical bookshop News From Nowhere in Liverpool. Aimée is hoping to get it into more independent bookshops both in London and elsewhere. Orla is the book's illustrator and it's clear from the conversation how closely the two work together and how important Orla's input has been to the creation of the finished book. The conversation provides a charming insight into a close artistic collaboration.

The book has received a five-star rating from the Good Reads website.

Cover Image         Aimée and Orla

        Cover Image                                                 Orla Bradfield and Aimée King

If your browser is unable to play this video you can download it in MP4 format from this link:

Aimée and Orla

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