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This page is reserved for content whose format is video or audio, especially the personal comments and statements of our visitors and campaign members, which can be submitted either format (e.g. sound or video recorded on a phone or pad or any suitable device). Tell us about your hopes and fears for the new hospital and the aspects about which you feel most strongly.

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If the files are too big to travel as attachments, which they often will be, Microsoft's OneDrive is a good alternative.

Towards the bottom of the page under the heading "Lighter Material" we have some material included purely for its entertainment value. we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did.

Inner NE Lon. Joint Overview & Scrutiny Com. meeting 2/11/20

Norma's statement and the discussion arising is between 9 minutes 40 seconds and 27 minutes 30 seconds into the recording.

Outer NE Lon. Joint Health Overview Scrutiny Com. meeting 15/11/20

Ann – from our campaign – makes a 3 minute statement about the bed cuts being proposed in the new Whipps Cross hospital. And Julie, who worked at the Margaret Centre & spoke at one of our meetings, makes a statement about the loss for us all if the Margaret Centre is not reprovided in the new hospital. Both of these issues are vital and the councillors need to “scrutinise” the issues and see that our speakers have the community support. Ann's statement begins 1 hour 19 minutes into the meeting and Julie's begins 1 hour 22 minutes and 40 seconds into the meeting.

Two Short Interviews with Retired GP Dr. Mary Logan

Mary Burnett's many days spent scrutinising lack of evidence

This video does much to explain our concerns about the modelling used to justify bed reduction. It may be a bit too detailed for some people but illustrates the quality of the research undertaken by our members and makes it clear that that we're not just well meaning scaremongers but have looked at the so-called evidence in detail.

Mary Burnett on concerns about cuts to beds in the new hospital

Eva Turner on funding & land sale

A Personal Vision from David Gardiner

Random thoughts about the new Whipps Cross Hospital

Planning for whom?

Adrian Stannard of Waltham Forest Civic Society speaks about planning, democratic control and environmental impact ~ Oct 21st 2020.

Lighter Material

On the 28th March 2015 at the Hackney Empire in London an army of volunteers including some of Britain's best comedic talents: Lucy Porter, Stewart Lee, Junior Simpson, Mark Steel, Wendy Wason, Nish Kumar, Francesca Martinez, Slim, Kerry Godliman, Pappy's, Rufus Hound, and Ed Bennett lent their (often quite loud, always hilarious) voices to our call to stand up for the nation’s proudest achievement and most treasured institution: Our NHS. This 37minute film is based on the 2 hour live event. It features a selection of the fantastic stand up sets, sketches and short films from the night. It also includes some back stage interviews with a few of the comedians.

From Bremner, Bird and Fortune on YouTube No.1
NHS in Stitches: The Live Show

From Bremner, Bird and Fortune on YouTube No. 2

Bremner, Bird and Fortune on the NHS (Channel 4, Mar 20th 2013)

Bremner, Bird and Fortune on the NHS (Sound only, 1995)

History of the NHS (in five minutes) from History Bombs

History Bombs founder Chris Hobbs says: "Lockdown conditions have been very difficult for many industries, including the creative arts, however having to stay at home is a small burden compared to the extraordinary work performed by NHS staff in these extremely challenging times. We wanted to show our support and celebrate the NHS in our iconic musical style. This video has been really enjoyable to put together with our brilliant cast. I really hope it makes people smile and helps to raise some money for NHS charities!"

Visit for more information and full credits.

The Complete and Utter History of the NHS

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