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This page is reserved for material relating to the sustainability of
the new Whipps Cross Hospital and its environmental impact.

Sustainable health and social care
Connecting environmental and financial performance

This is a document published by The Kings Fund in March 2012 explaining the relationship between the two as understood at that time. The details may have changed slightly but it still gives a very fair overview.

Building for Wellbeing
Sustainability Action4Whipps
Tuesday November 24th

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How buildings affect our health, comfort & wellbeing: overview

Lifestyle Medicine: The Science & Art of Healthy Longevity

Space to Breathe: Research Findings and Recommendations, Carey Newson, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

As design for the new Whipps Cross Hospital is taking shape, we campaign to ensure it is the best our generation can give to the future, for our communities and for our planet, and to inspire our whole community towards sustainability. Speakers at the forefront of their fields discuss how a building’s design, and access to green space affects our wellbeing.


Dr Nadia Audhali, Whipps Cross Hospital Paediatric Doctor and Clean Air Champion – introducing the evening with why the Climate Crisis is a Health Crisis

Dr Roopa Jaiswal – London GP, Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Regional Director (London) BSLM, will explain how the environment and our behaviours can determine our health

Julie Godefroy – Technical Manager, Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), author of CIBSE’s technical guidance on health and wellbeing in building services, will explain how a building’s design affects our wellbeing

Carey Newson – Centre for Sustainable Healthcare on their new research into the value of green space at NHS sites for staff wellbeing

Paul Bell, Ryder Architecture – Lead Architect for the New Whipps Cross Hospital

Discussion and questions

Sustainability Action4Whipps is a community group formed by local residents and health staff who want to ensure that the new hospital will be net zero-carbon, of the highest standard in sustainability and wellbeing. In association with Action4Whipps:

"20:20 Vision" programme on East London News

What follows is a recording of the "20:20 Vision" programme on East London News on the evening of Tuesday 17th November hosted by Jenny Fisher. The speakers included Charlotte Monro from Action4Whipps and Anna Moore of the Green at Barts Health campaign

The public event was streamed live on the VodTalk Youtube Channel where it has since been posted as a full video. The first 4 minutes 45 seconds of the video recording is just technobabble so you can push the slider on the player across to that point without missing anything.

Climate justice; Health justice – campaigning for a new normal

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