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      Jim Davis sitting in for Eddie Nestor on BBC Radio London 16/11/23

Leytonstone Echo article re handing over the Margaret Centre petition
plus comment from Mary Burnett

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This page is reserved for personal accounts of experiences involving the Margaret Centre palliative care unit at Whipps Cross Hospital for patients who are coming to the end of their life or have a life-limiting disease. They are personal accounts in video, audio or written format that people have agreed to allow us to display on this website and share with the general public, expressing their appreciation of the outstanding work that the Centre does for patients in this category and their friends and families.

If you would like to make a contribution yourself please contact in the first instance. If you would prefer that your contribution, whether written, video or sound recording, does not appear on the website please say so.

If sound or video files are too big to travel as attachments, which they often will be, we can talk you through other ways of sending them in.

Letter received regarding the end of life care at the Margaret Centre (correspondent'a name witheld at their request)

Dear Whipps Cross Campaign,

I was walking in Leytonstone and saw a leaflet saying about saving the Margaret Centre. I was really shocked to read this, as a family we had recently made a donation to them.

My Mum died in the centre in April this year. She was being neglected in the ward, I requested that she could be transferred to the Margaret Centre, this way I knew she would have the correct end of life care. The main wards have no time or understanding of someone at the end of their life. The Margaret Centre cared for her beautifully and allowed her to go on her terms.

This is a priority needed medical service, end of life care is a specialist form of nursing. Rather than close the Margaret Centre, it should be enlarged and extended. The nurses there know what to do to ease the patient and their families concerns. It is a unique service but a necessary one.

I am extremely concerned that others may not be able to benefit from such a centre, the only one in the area. Please keep it open and give people the dignity they deserve in their last days or hours.

Yours sincerely,

Louise Fisher whose mother received end of life care on a general ward

Alex Szendrei on his wife Ivana Zovodska's care in the Margaret Centre

Helen McClennon whose husband Barrie died in the Centre in 2018

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