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Poster for Waltham Forest's got talent

      Waltham Forest's Got Talent ~ Audition No.3

Wayne Walton talks to the presenters and contestants at Waltham Forest's Got Talent Audition No. 3, and also former Mayor of Waltham Forest Councillor Sally Littlejohn who was instrumental in setting up the talent competition, and professional coaching and tuition for the contestants. On this occasion she's simply a member of the audience.

Unfortunately there were a number of severe technical difficulties with the sound system, ranging from humming and buzzing sounds in the background to extreme distortion and occasional complete drop-out of the microphones. At Forest Radio we have tried to remedy these faults using digital techniques, but we have been only partially successful. Neertheless the interviews conducted by Wayne are crystal clear and hopefully whatever gremlins inhabit the venue's sound system can be evicted by the next audition, and certainly in time for the semi-final and the grand final.

The songs we have used in the intro and at the end are part of the opening song I Hope I Get It from the musical 'A Chorus Line' (2006 Broadway Revival Cast) and part of Good Enough by Little Mix.

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